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“On fame I once realized a truth”

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In 2018, George Clooney ended up in a violent accident in Sardinia. What happened shortly after that made him think of a very dark side of fame…

George Clooney, who had recently turned sixty, told himself in an interview with the Sunday Times, and for this occasion he thought of a bitter episode he suffered in Italy, even if he is not in parts of Lake Como, his favorite area of ​​residence. Someone will remember what happened, but this is the first time George has explained how it made him think about a file The dark side of fame
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George Clooney is a reflection of fame after the motorcycle accident

On July 10, 2018, while George Clooney there was Sardinia to film the series comma 22He was hit by a car while he was driving Motorcycle. Nothing serious happened, but for the star it was the second such incident (the first took place in 2007 in New Jersey), and while waiting for help he was very afraid. Someone approached to photograph the scene via the smartphone. Tells:

If you are a public figure, what do you accomplish, when you are over there on earth To think that it might be the last moment of your life, for some people it will become Entertainment for their Facebook page. I’m a totally positive person, but this thing made me realize, quite clearly, that you’re just here to entertain them… You’d like to take them one by one and teach them a good lesson.

Clooney knows what he’s talking about: On the occasion of the previous incident in the United States, about twenty people from Palisades Medical Center, where he was hospitalized, were suspended from work: they looked at his report and analyzes without permission! We’ll see Clooney on screen in Heaven tickets by Ol Parker, in contrast Julia RobertsWhile his latest directing effort will be on Prime Video in January, tender bar interpreted by Ben Affleck.

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