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Don’t Worry Baby: Movie Review

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Florence Poe and Harry Styles take us into a world of unsettling perfection. This is what we believe.

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type of psychological arousal, do not worry my love It is the 2022 movie that was screened out of competition in 79th Venice Film Festival. Directed by Olivia Wilde and with Florence Boge And the Harry Stiles As protagonists, the film is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros.

On the occasion of his release in the scheduled cinema September 22After we had a chance to preview it on September 5th during Venice 79, we’ll tell you what we think of this highly anticipated title, which manages to immerse the viewer in the narrative, bringing it to reality along with the character of Alice, for a story that will take your breath away from start to finish.

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Don’t Worry Darling Review

This bold and psychological thriller Visually stunning It shows on the big screen the story of a young couple, Alice and Jack, who are in the fifties of the last century May God bless him to live a seemingly perfect life in a victorious societyEvery day, men go to the Victory project headquarters to work on “creative material development,” and the women stay home to wait, enjoying all that Victory has to offer. But what seems perfect slowly begins to doubt Alice finds herself having to fight everything and everyone to discover the truth.

In the first few minutes, the film immediately welcomes us into the movie Victory, where perfection reigns and everything is symmetrical and so well thought out that it begins to make the viewer perceive a strange turmoil, which only increases scene after scene.

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Thanks to photography and Unusual interpretation of the characters Several seemingly natural scenes allow us to understand with Alice, brilliantly played by Florence Pugh, that there is something sinister about those always perfect and incredibly similar days.

It is Alice, in fact, who leads the viewer on this journey in which nothing is ever taken for granted and nothing is ever as it seems, providing for the latter bits of answers that find meaning along the way, laying the foundations for what is not Expect a revelation that manages to surprise, while at the same time allowing for clues left here and there within the film to be collected.

Besides Alice, in this haunting and suspenseful tale, we have Jack, her charming and loving husband, played by the extraordinary Harry Styles.

The two actors are very interconnected on screen and can be believable in every scene: whether in those full of passion and love or in the most disturbing scenes. In this psychological thriller, in fact, the element of love is not lacking, which is somewhat at the heart of the plot and moves the threads of this story that does not disappoint and allows you to experience reality for a while. From the couple and what Alice hears when the answers to her questions finally begin to emerge clearer and more clearly.

Along with the two protagonists, the rest of the actors also have credibility and the ability to give life to well-defined characters. Among the noteworthy explanations, we can certainly not mention Chris Pine and Frank, who more than once managed to put chills, even as soon as he appeared on the screen.
The soundtrack plays another essential role, helping us enter the 360-degree narration, transporting us within the film and giving the viewer the right tone: it’s impossible to leave the room without hearing some tunes reverberating in your mind.

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all in all, do not worry my love It is a film that does not disappoint, gives the viewer an engaging viewing experience, and a story that manages to maintain liking even after the lights are out and the room is left.

Don’t Worry Baby Trailer

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