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Older brother Sully Sorge: ‘I love Federica a lot’

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Sully’s thoughts on Federica, Gf Vip’s new competitor.

Collusion with the Big Brother Vip is growing between Gianmaria Antinolfi and Federica Calemme. A feeling that did not go unnoticed Soleil rise, which encouraged the Neapolitan businessman to get to know the newcomer better.

Soleil’s inspiration rises above Federica Calmy

Federica Looks like he’s hit Soleil. Talking in the kitchen with Jianmaria, beautiful Italian-American influencer gave positive opinions about The new contender of Big Brother Vip He advised the Neapolitan entrepreneur to try this new knowledge without limits.

“You should enjoy it more” . said worries referring to nThe new knowledge that Antinolfi makes with Calemme after Breaking with Sophie Codegoni “I like it anyway, a lot. You use lead feet, but I’m telling you I like it very much”. “it’s the truth” The owner of the project responded immediately.

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Federica Therefore, in addition to attracting Attentions from Gianmaria, also unexpectedly was the green light for Soleil. In fact, the beautiful influencer wanted to encourage the couple in the hope that things would go between them for the better. SufiAfter a break with the businessman, he continues his acquaintance GF VIP with Alessandro Bacciano.

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