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Older brother Phoebe, Nicolas Besso in the storm for judgment directed at Mirjana, mother Patricia Merigliani breaks the silence

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Nicola’s mother enters after her son’s words to Trevisan.

yesterday through Nomination for the seventeenth episode of Big Brother VIPAnd Mirjana Trevisan and Nicolas Besso clashed hard. The last word seems to have been created between the two, so much so that they both named each other. A short time ago, during the surprise mirjana from the son Nicola He remained steadfast, and when Signorini asked him why he did not rise to embrace her TrevisanHe replied to only do the things he felt.

Things, as mentioned, deteriorated in Superled Room during the nominations. Nicola nominated mirjana Adding that he repeatedly felt ridiculed. Then the 32-year-old added a sentence that angered the owner. “You deserve someone who treats you badly.” I announced pesos, then forced to apologize for the unfortunate joke.

In the studio they condemned the sentence NicolaJudgment is extremely dangerous. mirjana, For her part, she bursts into tears and later announces that she has found the boy aggressive, a man she would never want to introduce to her son.

A while ago, thereTo Nicola’s mother, Patricia Merigliani decided to break the silence And say your word.

“It is really Nicolas: the goal is not important but the journey each one of us takes to reach it – Patrizia books You have faced your fears, the monsters of the past, and others of the present without ever turning back, with great courage and humility. But this adventure will come to an end, you have already won for me. I love you so much, Mom.” There is no reference to the sentence directed at Mirjana but rather a way to support Nicolas in a decidedly difficult moment.

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