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Old Android phone? Don’t worry: it will last a long time

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in the past decades, technological development He was constantly running, always moving forward without any hint of fatigue. In many respects, in the past few years 15/20 years old, there were innovations so colossal that they are almost unprecedented in history. This innovative movement is concerned with many sectors, directly and transversely interrelated.

Just think of all you have side of the phone: Not only new applications and services made Telecommunications and the Share information Practical, fast and free to be affordable, but true innovative smartphones are able to perform functions that were previously reserved Exclusively for the most powerful computers.

In addition to communication services, among them we can also include social media such as Facebook and Instagram Which gave a big hand in the global interconnection movement, other services should also be mentioned: from Simpler things From looking at the weather for the week to more complex things like photo retouching, to turning fast and furious Artificial intelligence.

However, it opposes the increase in the speed of development and innovation in an inversely proportional manner, Reduce the aging time own electronic devices. In short, the life cycle of any device we find ourselves dealing with, from mobile phones to vacuum cleaners, is reduced.

What is Android?

iOS or Android?

The development of more powerful mobile phones required that they be born new operating systems Powerful enough to handle the amount of information passing through a single device. So we start talking about Android in 2008With the release of version 1.0. But before proceeding, What exactly is a robot?

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Android is a file Operating System For mobile devices, it is developed by The Google. Although it was born as a system designed for smartphones and tablets, its nature open source lOr soon lead to its use on any kind of device that can have useful functions to make the user’s life lighter.

And this is the case android It becomes the TV’s operating system (Android TV), cars (Android Auto)smart watches (Wear OS), Eyeglasses (Google glasses) And many other devices. All this has led Android to staggering numbers: according to October 2022 data, Android was the most popular mobile operating system in the world, covering 70.98% market share for smartphones and 49.19% for tablets.

Next, we find iOS, Operating System an Apple Which, unlike Android, is not an open system for everyone and therefore only works on Apple devices. Steve Jobs got around this problem, and created a series of Apple devices This is to create a fully connected ecosystem.

New features on older Android devices

Google promotional image for Android 13
Android 13 and devices

With a recent post on the official blog of Google Android confirmed intention “Extends support for some platform features to existing Android versions”. what does that mean? this means those of Google They’re working on that, too Phones that do not receive OS updates for years, You can enjoy the new features of Android.

To do this, they announced the development of a system called his project Add-on developer group Which is supposed to allow developers to use unique features of Latest versions of Androidlike the new photo selector by Android 13in applications running on devices running the operating system Android 11 or Android 12.

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Google spokesperson Scott Westover said this later “This system paves the way for expanding privacy sandbox testing on Android.” What is this Privacy protection? This is the tool that Google is developing as an alternative to the classic and used cookies, and they are tools for Total While surfing the internet, though, the Android community at the moment is completely frosty.

However, the Extension SDK wants to build on the experience gained by Google, in order to make it available updates of the main functions Straight from the PlayStore, without the need to update the system. Developments of this kind prove to be very important because they also allow us to put the maximum benefit of system updates into the Android environment.

Previously, Google had worked to standardize Android but the results were quite disappointing. We see Treble Project served with Android Oreo. Is this the right time for Google?

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