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Offline banks, but this is not an attack

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No banking at home, no account access, no transfer. The problem is that consumers are affected Five Canadian banks: Managed services are gone for several hours Offline, The result could not be achieved. Someone is still constantly complaining about malfunctions. The reasons are currently unknown.

Canadian banks are offline for a mysterious blackout

Affected companies Darkening They are Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), BMO (Bank of Montreal), Scodia Bank, TD Bank Canada and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Confirmations of active discrepancies come from official social profiles, which we report below as an example in translated form.

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online and mobile banking and phone systems. Our experts are exploring and working to fix them as soon as possible, but we have no deadline to deliver. We appreciate your patience.

Incompetencies have also been recorded Payment methods In stores: There are tellers Failure To finish buying at the grocery store, a lot of time is wasted.

As it was initially written, it is not known what caused the problem that brought the banks offline. A hypothesis Attack. Suggests a possible link with time demonstrations Independent convoy They are affecting the country, with heavy motorists and citizens who oppose the mandatory vaccination and anti-Govt restrictions being dumped in the streets and squares.

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In recent days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has used itEmergency Law (PDF) Dealing with struggles that threaten public order. Of the extraordinary measures adopted, one is precisely of concern Financial transfer.

We expand the scope of the Canadian Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Rules. These changes affect all types of transactions, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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