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Insigne: “I will not leave the national team even if I go to Canada”

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London – The last dance. This Italy – Argentina, The show against South American champions to celebrate the European title last July will be a farewell step, perhaps not just for Giorgio Chillini. One of the candidates for congratulations Lorenzo Insine, However, rejects the situation, actually wanting to restart his candidacy. “Will you leave? I will give my presence even if I go to the other side of the world. I will always strive and see whoever lives”. And after considering this decision with the Italian coach: “Initially I talked to Mancini about relocating to Canada. Before the last World Cup qualifying round. I will be “. In short, Insigne did not give up.

The final Italy-Argentina, the trophy forgotten for 30 years

By Jacopo Manfredi

However it is scheduled to start the next day. Insigne did not hide: “There are many more strong players besides Donorumma and Pastoni. The coach has already shown the courage to start young players if they are good and worthy.” But first, it’s time to enjoy a return to Wembley. “I have many memories of entering this stadium. Tomorrow we will continue to land the field of dreams. Here at Wembley we have written history and given the best emotions to all the Italians. It will be a great match against Argentina to start again and recover the team.

Italy have Messi: (almost) the first time against the Blues for a penny

By Matteo Finci

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The trophy he last raised MaradonaStatue of Insane: “I tattooed Diego because I was a big Napoleon fan, he did a lot for us. He was a symbol, he took us to the top of the world, we will always carry him in our hearts: maybe, if we win, the second to win this trophy I can become a “neopolitan”.

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