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Oakley is renovating the Sammartini 31 space in Milan

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At Via Giovanni Sammartini 31 in Milan, on Saturday, June 18, from 3 to 8 p.m., Oakley will open the new Spazio Sammartini 31: a new basketball stadium completely redeveloped to serve the city and the citizens of Milan. To celebrate this renaissance, Oakley will be celebrating an all-inclusive basketball event, which will bring spectators and sports fans head-to-head with prize competitions, street dance performances, dunk shows and much more.

The redevelopment project aims to celebrate sport as the purest expression of values ​​such as respect, team and the most sincere passion for sport, in pursuit of physical and mental well-being. Oakley has long proposed sport as a universal language that brings people together, breaks down all cultural barriers, and allows everyone to express themselves fully: Be who you are. Oakley’s is an invitation to express your identity in a free and original way, and it is addressed to everyone: from professional athletes to weekend runners.

With the help of Oakley, Spazio Sammartini 31 aims to become a place where you can celebrate the connection between sport and the city of Milan along with its community, which the brand also honors tangibly by partnering with the red Olympia shoes. Milan, the cornerstone of Italian basketball.

“We truly believe in the transformative power of sport. Sport can relieve, unite, heal and transform. We are excited about the opportunity to revive Spazio Sammartini 31” Gaius Amato, global brand manager oakley. “For Oakley, this is more than just a sports facility: it’s our way of thanking the Milanese community and giving space for a better lifestyle to finally have a better city.”

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The aim of the redevelopment is to make the spaces more enjoyable by the community and to enhance cohesion between individuals and groups. The basketball court will be enhanced, becoming a center for gathering, sports and otherwise, in the area, as well as a theater for sports and cultural activities. The quality of life of the residents will also benefit, as the park will be transformed into a social place for young and old, thanks to new infrastructures for families, children and the elderly.

according to Rosana LopervedoDirector of Wholesale in Italy: “The commitment to the city of Milan will be continuous and will last for the long term. We intend to continue maintenance and infrastructure improvement work after the opening on June 18, a promise to the local community that we are committed to fulfilling.”

All this will be achieved through a structural intervention plan that includes the redevelopment and maintenance of the stadium and adjacent areas, as well as the renewal of existing infrastructure. In fact, the following were planned: exceptional maintenance of the floors, replacement of baskets, creation of green spaces and islands for separate collection of waste. Particular attention will be paid to safety in the field: the placement of the seats and the protection of lampposts will be changed.

Opening June 18 will be open to the public, who will be the protagonist of the project by participating in prize competitions and DJ sets, celebrating the pure spirit of Oakley and the city of Milan.

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