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Nuclear war, what are the effects of the atomic bomb on Italy? Simulator for his account »

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Ukraine: nuclear war, what are the effects of the atomic bomb on Italy? Simulation for its own account

Nuclear war? There is an online simulator that makes us notice the effectsA few days ago, news of a possible nuclear war circulated on several websites which, according to pessimists, cannot be ruled out as a hypothesis given that tensions between Russia and Ukraine are increasingly escalating and there could be NATO intervention.

So the question spontaneously arises: What is the effect of the atomic bomb in Italy if it explodes?

To answer this question as stated in the newspaper Prophetis a simulator called “NoquimapThis project was developed in 2012 by a historian of science and nuclear weapons expert Alex Wellerstein from Stevens Institute of Technology. The app (you can try it here: allows you to choose different types of nuclear weapons starting from the historical ones like those from Hiroshima to the most recent ones currently in the USA, Russia and North Korea.

turning control Effects For a virtual explosion, it will be enough to select the type of weapon and indicate the area on the map by clicking on the “explodedOnce the button is pressed, the simulator will display the beam affected by the shock wave of the bomb and also the so-called “fireball”, that is, the area where heat is given off. But that’s not all. In addition, contaminated areas can be observed, that is, the radiation radius With an estimate of the number of victims and injured calculated on the basis of the selected area.

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In short, it is the curiosity of many users that is increasingly gaining the upper hand due to the terrible war conflicts taking place in Ukraine and the constant threats from the Russian president. Russian President Vladimir Putin towards the west. Of course, this is a scenario we would never want to see.

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