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Now the paparazzi are gone.

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Being famous has its perks, but not always. For example, if you are a Hollywood A-list star, You can say goodbye to the possibility of being photographed in public without anyone noticingUnless you’re wearing some kind of subtle disguise.

Not only are regular fans of such celebrities easily spotted, the paparazzi take every opportunity to take their photos. Here’s what happened to Jason Momoa in Italy. A few days after he shared that he had put a silly scarf on his head just so he could visit the Spanish Steps in Rome undisturbed, The star showed off his entourage while visiting Orange Garden On Instagram Stories. First, the actor set the stage by calling some photographers who were giving him a hard time while following him around, saying:

Aloha. I just wanted to say a little thank you to the damn paparazzi. I know you’ve been everywhere, you’ve followed me everywhere. You know what you are too man. So, the two of you are cute, but there’s one I want to say aloha to. I’ll be in Orange Garden, I’m going there now. let’s go out. see you soon”.

Then Jason Momoa shared some video excerpts from his visit. However, instead of being accompanied by classic tour guides, theThe actor has recruited some Hells Angels members in the city to accompany him. Follow Momoa:

I just want to introduce you to the new tour guides. The others weren’t working. We were like, “Dude, the paparazzi are so good here.” So we are in Giardino degli Aranci, the place is beautiful here. There are no paparazzi in sight.”

s.To finish, we leave you with a file Video of Momoa doing stunts for Fast and Furios 10 We remind you that Aquaman star in talks for Minecraft movie.

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