Home World Now Kiev must turn tactical successes into strategic results – Corriere.it

Now Kiev must turn tactical successes into strategic results – Corriere.it

Now Kiev must turn tactical successes into strategic results – Corriere.it

Ukraine continues “country villages” But he’s still a long way from the line fortified by the Russians, and he’s just one of many To protect the axis leading to the Crimea.


We are at a foreseeable stage, with the invasion of some areas in the Zaporizhia region, operations are being carried out to find loopholes to exploit. They also advanced in the Bakhmut region, but – as the Ukrainians themselves confirm – they are Displacement «250-700 meters». The question is related to the next step, especially in the southern region: the ability to convert the tactical successes – which are already there – into strategic results. This is not achieved in a few days, also because The invaders had time to prepare. Among the last steps was the destruction of another dam, on the Mukri Yali River, to flood the land. Various observations from observers:

1) Might try Kyiv in the future To get around Maginot Putin targeting it with artillery.

2) On the other hand, passengers bet on attrition And relying on the effectiveness of the stations. The resistance has, in fact, lost many mine-clearing vehicles, tanks and armored vehicles. He does not have much choice, he has to step forward but also find solutions to create lanes. And this has consequences.

3) How many battalions does Zelensky currently use? Reports from the field say that the reserves are standing by, and the same for the invaders. Nobody wants to risk them too soon. But conflicting information circulates about this aspect, and versions say the opposite.


To follow the dynamics in Russia. The military bloggers, after cheering for destroying an enemy armor and tank formation, returned to focus on attacking. Their analyzes betray anxietyWarning signals are issued. They are messages in perspective, and they may also contain “masks”. In disputes, one’s intentions are concealed, others are attributed to adversaries, nothing is decided, nothing is clear. Today more than ever we can justify ourselves in the “fog of war.” Which confuses vision is part of the publicity and leads to error in evaluation. In fact, the most serious experts do not venture into predictions or even allow themselves to be convinced by a couple of videos.

There is always interest in Moscow lettersIt is almost a second front with the clash between the mercenaries and the defense. The ministry ordered all private security companies to sign a contract with the state by July 1, in a bid to reassert its authority. Wagner chief Evgeny Prigozhin seized the opportunity to stoke his fight. He replied, “No,” arguing that his “company” is already a member of the system, again criticized the minister Sergei Shoigu because he said he was ready to take orders from General Sergei Surovkin. One way to compare him again with Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, two senior officers – experts explain – on bad terms. The struggle continues.


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