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Hockey, insults and payments to Feltteri fans after the match in Bolzano

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The group boarded the bus to cheer the Serie C Feltre team on their return to the bus

Filtre. At first the insults of some girls, then big words and shoving flew near the bus, even the bump on the head of a member of the Feltre group who was hit by a stone. Tensions after the Serie A hockey match between Bolzano/Trento and Filter, which lifted Felterni’s team to the semi-finals of the tournament. If the standoff in the stands was only verbal with a great deal of teasing and slogans on both sides, then the Bolzano fans raised the bar with a menacing confrontation with a group of Feltri fans who were arriving at the end of their 6-1 victory. The bus filled with fans.

Luca Zanella, who organized the bus, explains: “Just before leaving the stadium, a child from Bolzano warned us that Bolzano fans were waiting for us outside. We understood that he was looking for an excuse to fight. In fact, when we passed them they started insulting some of the girls in our group severely. Some were offended and responded. I tried to lead the group to the bus and the locals from Bolzano came after us.”

Zanella continues the story: “A stone hit one of our men’s head and then it got hot when we were on the bus. The insults started and the thrusts started flying. Luckily, no one was hurt. I was sorry about what happened because there were also kids on the bus on Saturday evening. It wasn’t a sight Well “. When the group from Feltre climbed onto the bus, the police arrived and in some lanes in the parking lot quickly dispersed the rioters from Bolzano.

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However, the playoffs ignited the city’s hockey fervor, and in addition to the organized bus, there were other Feltre fans who drove in tried-and-true cars and minibuses to follow the Palaonda game. Support that will continue to be required as the team reaches the semi-finals.

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