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Nostalgia for Insight, Naples. Video call from Canada with his brother

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Lorenzo Insane phoned his brother Marco, a former Napoli captain trying to settle in Toronto.

Lorenzo Insine As he nears his first week in Toronto, a new era has begun for the former Napoli captain in his career and career. The first player will start training with the new team in July and make his league debut within the first 10 days of the new month. Meanwhile, with a note of nostalgia for Naples, he made a video call to his brother Marco to greet him and update himself on family and friendship events.

At a press conference over the past few days, he said:This is the first time my family and I have left Naples. From the first day I met the President, he spoke well of me about this city and I could not wait to meet the coach and his team.

“I gave a lot to Napoli, lost hurt trophies, I have a new challenge – Insane explained – it’s hard to leave Naples, but this is life. We chose a career for my kids too, I hope it’s a better future.”

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