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The reigning champions were also eliminated

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2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

Italy’s curling at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was fantastic. Azuri also won his ninth match in nine races and defeated outgoing champion Canada.

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2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

L ‘Italy Of Curling Not wanting to stop wondering Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. With six wins out of six, Asuri had already won a direct pass to Saturday’s semifinals when I reached the goal early. Italian night, in Beijing, mixed pair competition, Stefania Constantini and Amos Moser They did even better. In fact, Azzurri imposed an extra 8-7 on Canada, not even beating the first leg of the tournament.

There have been nine wins in the many competitions played so far, but most of all the satisfaction of sending the Canadian Olympic champions home. At 13:05 ItalianThe challenge for Azzurri is to play their medal chances Sweden Who is already battered in this 3-in-a-row unbeaten in 9 matches. Norway faces Great Britain in another semi-final. L. in the glacier of the National Aquatic Center of the Chinese capitalThus Italy expelled the champions Although John Morris of PyeongChang 2018 has teamed up with another athlete, Caitlin Loves, And do not be disappointed Rachel Homan.

Italy maintained their concentration despite already knowing about their place in the semi-finals. Assouri played with precision and they also risked losing the challenge in the final. In fact, Canada had the advantage of the last shot, but Harmon was still a disaster, so Italy found itself in its hands. An infallible golden opportunity. The two stones were so close, it was useful to go with the compass and measure: Italy won by a millimeter by sending the defending champions home and flew to the semifinals undefeated with the satisfaction of beating the Canadians in their existing game. Absolutely the best in the world.

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