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Twitter Battle. Musk: I am against censorship – Economy

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“I mean freedom of expression, freedom that respects the law. I am against censorship that goes beyond the law.” Elon Musk tries to clarify his position and gets into the heated debate that has erupted over his Twitter takeover. An operation that sank Tesla on Wall Street: The electric car giant closed 12% lower and burned more than $110 billion in market value. Worrying is the possibility that Musk will have to sell shares to fund the purchase of Twitter. An acquisition completed in just 12 days and you never stop discussing it. Jeff Bezos hints at China’s greater influence in the United States with Musk at the helm of Twitter. The European Union maintains that the rules do not change with a change of ownership. US politics is in turmoil in the face of a takeover that has radically changed the world of social media, and the showdown of billionaires’ excessive power to sway public opinion.

Tesla’s sponsor plans for the platform remain unclear after he calls himself the absolute freedom of speech. But concerns about Operation Maxi, also in light of its unpredictability and proven chaos for the charts, are more than obvious. In the United States, representatives and senators, but also the White House, follow the perceived developments in the power of social networks and the scandals that have occurred over the years, from disinformation to fake news running through conspiracy theories. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Joe Biden “is concerned about the power of social media beyond who drives it,” expressing Congress’ displeasure over Silicon Valley. A disappointment, however, that did not materialize for years: the numerous attempts to tighten privacy-related rules and a greater responsibility-taking by the sector giants fell on deaf ears. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is more explicit. The deal is “a danger to democracy. We need a tax on the richer and stricter rules for the tech giants to be held accountable,” Warren said aloud, referring to the growing influence of hackers. Musk, the world’s richest man, actually spreads through Twitter while Mark Zuckerberg controls Facebook and Instagram, in addition to having aspirations to the metaverse. Bezos, the world’s second largest hacker, is headed by the Washington Post.

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Just Bezos, Musk’s idealistic competitor in the space race, attacked the Tesla boss by noting how China, with his rise to Twitter, has a greater influence in the United States, given that Musk has deep roots and strong revenues in the country’s electric car giant. But a statement that Beijing flatly rejected: “There is no factual basis.” On the other hand, Jack Dorsey praised the Tesla boss. The Twitter founder is touting the company’s delisting as a “correct first step,” declaring, “Elon is the only solution I believe in.” And with Musk at the wheel, it’s not ruled out that Dorsey could have a bigger role in his “Twitter”. Many believe that the extremely busy Musk also can’t take a number one position in the company that tweets and this could bring back Dorsey, who has been removed from the directory in recent months. As S&P monitors Twitter’s rating for a possible downgrade, company employees are divided in welcoming the deal. Many fear that Twitter with the Tesla chief will weaken its content control policies in the name of absolute freedom of expression. Alternatively, others support Musk, intrigued by his magical touch that changed everything he touched. Until the operation closes, CEO Parag Agrawal reassured, there are no changes in sight or workforce cuts. “Once the agreement is completed – we will know in which direction the company will move,” he added. It is a trend in which many wonder and fear many.

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