Home Economy In 2022, expenses increased by 2,500 euros per household

In 2022, expenses increased by 2,500 euros per household

In 2022, expenses increased by 2,500 euros per household

Istat checks down economic inflation to March 2022: increase from 6.5% YoYagainst an initial estimate of 6.7%. But the smaller increase compared to what was estimated is not enough because price increase Risks involving a bite for Italian families are more than 2,000 euros a year.

The increase is mainly related to energy goodsbut me too Food commodities. Additional costs for all families who cannot do without electricity or food and drink. But how much Italians account In 2022 with these increases? Let us try to understand this by analyzing the estimates suggested by some consumer associations.

Which price goes up the most?

To increase the most are energy goods: +50.9%. But the increase is also high for Food commodities: + 3.9% is scored for workers, while for non-workers we are 8% higher. For durable goods, the increase is 1.6%, and for semi-durable goods, 1.5%. Better go for related services Transportation: 1% increase, less than the previous one. On an annual basis, commodity prices are up 9.8% while commodity prices are rising Services 1%.

How does inflation affect the pockets of Italians?

Massimiliano Donna, PresidentNational Consumers Associationindicates that the fuel tax cut has lowered inflation compared to estimates and we should continue on this path even after May 2, when gasoline and diesel prices are expected to rise without an extension.

The goal Donna asked for is to stop speculation because of war in ukraine He explains what inflation at 6.5% means for Italians. to couple with two kidsis appreciation, the sting will be from 2303 euros per year. For accommodation alone, water and electricity are over a thousand euros a year, plus nearly 600 euros for transportation and 434 euros for food and drink.

For a couple with a child, we speak instead of a Expense increase of €2,159 per year. Even worse goes to couples under 35 without children (an estimated €2360 more, of which €1250 is for the house only) and families with more than three children (€2577 per year, of which €500 is only for food).

How much does it cost to increase the purchase of food?

Assoutenti Provides an estimate of household expenses for Eat. We are talking about an estimated increase of €434 per year for food only. It is for this very reason that Assoutenti asks for managed prices for basic necessities such as food.

The price goes up on Easter

to me codacon Inflation is a blow to Italians with rising retail prices. There is talk of a higher cost that could go up to 2,594 euros per year per family. For the typical family, on the other hand, they add up to about two thousand euros a year.

Plus there is a chapter Easter HolidayJust on the occasion of these holidays, there is a greater spending of over €100 million for food purchases with increases being recorded on flour, butter, oil, pasta, fish and vegetables.


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