December 4, 2023

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Gold, what you have in the house today is worth treasure but be careful! What no one tells you

Gold, what you have in the house today is worth treasure but be careful!  What no one tells you

Selling gold is appropriate because the prices are very high at the moment, but we have to take some precautions to avoid being “scammed”.

Many people, especially in this period of economic hardship, can get around the price hike by selling the old jewelry they have at home. The important thing is to pay attention to the right actions.

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We can say that today is a golden moment for gold: a Prices have skyrocketed Thus we may think that the time has come Earn some extra cash.

There are those who trade gold as an investment, of course, but there are also many more Families who are forced to sell out of necessityor simply Because the jewels in possession are no longer the same And you want to buy something new.

Selling jewelry is relatively easy, because we can go to specialized points (the famous “buy gold”) or to our trusted jeweler. Surely now a necklace that we no longer use, an old bracelet or watch case Earn us a nice nest eggBut we have to Take care Don’t be “fooled”. Here are some helpful tips.

Selling gold is always convenient, with expert advice you get the best price

If we decide to sell the old jewelry we have at home, today we can certainly make some good money. Not by chance Gold is a material of exchange that has long been called a “safe haven”. Because it always allows to have money and liquidity.

Moreover, after selling personal gold items, You are not taxedand then Everything we earn stays “in the pocket”.

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But we have to Be careful when we take gems to a store, who will evaluate them, weigh them and then give the corresponding money. Here are some Practical advice to Avoid thefts So sell your gold to best price.

  • Check how many karat (K) gold you have in your possession: there are karats from 14 to 22, where gold at 22 is obviously worth more;
  • Before taking our gold to a store, it is best to weigh it, in order to understand whether the merchant has tried to “deceive” us;
  • When we choose to buy gold or a jewelry store that also buys second-hand jewelry, we check online reviews and check thoroughly: the business must be registered with the OAM (Organismo degli Agenti e Mediatori), a national registry in which all operators in the sector must to be registered;
  • Go around several shops, because even if upstream gold prices are regulated, we may receive different offers and thus have the opportunity to choose the best.

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