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No New Jordan Peele Horror Movie: Interview Plot Trailer

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Jordan Peele (43 years old) is a comedian, author, director, screenwriter, and producer. In 2013 he won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his first film, Escape and get out. Now it’s over no And another surprise… Image © 2022 ABImages / Press office

He is the manager of the moment, crowned with the name The new king of suspense. Jordan Peele (43), director of the new horror film phenomenon no (In theaters), he turns nightmares into reality. In the subtexts of his films All America’s Pain and Anxiety. horror movies for him most political Hollywood is now producing. And not just Hollywood…

Nope: the official Italian trailer

Jordan Peele’s strength

Jordan Peele denounces, exposes, and puts American grievances on the big screen by telling us harrowing stories. Scary but irresistible. no (in cinemas from August 11) is His third movie. In 2017, revelation appeared Escape and get outthe story of an African American boy who ends up the victim of his girlfriend’s father wasp… in 2019 it arrived we: An African American family on vacation is attacked by their husbands…

This time, in addition to attacking the movie industry, which devours you and is then ready to kill you once you are no longer needed, the movie questions the meaning of a predator. Who are the predators today?

Nope, Jordan Peele’s new political horror: plot and characters

The protagonist is Daniel Kaluuya. After the great success of Escape and get outBell won an Academy Award for Best Original ScreenplayHere’s a stunt-horse guy who sees his father die before his eyes. Comet, a UFO that fell from the sky. He will soon discover that, in fact, the death of his father and the disappearance of the many horses from the farm is due to a flying saucer hiding in a cloud.

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At that point with the help of his sister Jill (Kiki Palmer), they try to track him down so they can go to Oprah Winfrey and earn enough to revive the fortunes of the family business.

No Jordan Peele

Daniel Kaluuya and Kiki Palmer behind him

No: cosyesDoes the title mean?

no It’s proof that his director and author cares deeply about the world he lives in. The term means “no” and is used as a negative answer especially on social media. In short, it’s a file A much better way to say “no”. cool as Bill…

Jordan Peele: Interview with NO Director

In short, New Western + Horror + Sci-Fi…we interviewed Jordan Peele and he spoke generously of himself.

His films are really “different”. How was NOPE born?
Nobody has made a great UFO horror movie yet.
In a way, I felt I had this responsibility: I had to do it.


Who are you targeting this time?
Humanity, as in all my films, is united with Feeling of existential helplessness. Next I targeted the idea of ​​the show and why we’re obsessed with it. What makes us addicted to the magic of cinemaIs it beautiful or awful?

And he did it through the story of two brothers who are different from each other but very close.
Yes, the story is about a house, family and two brothers bound by a bond that must be rediscovered. There is a part of me who is she, who wants to be the protagonist and be appreciated. And another part is of him, nervous, social and uncomfortable. I’m an only child, but I’m fascinated by sibling relationships because they are based on them A kind of basic genetic allegiance. No matter how different their hatred for each other was, they would eventually come to support each other.

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How were Daniel Kaluuya and Kiki Palmer in the roles of the brothers?
Despite being different actors, with backgrounds from different backgrounds, they both beautifully embodied their roles. These characters act as if they are an obstacle to each other, and once we started rehearsing, they became Jill and James, bringing reality into the relationship. basically, Create the characters. The scenes in which they meet are charming.

No horror Jordan Peele

As for the minor characters, who are you inspired by?
Lots of managers like Paul Thomas AndersonRobert Altman and Quentin Tarantino. Because they don’t take any characters for granted. I was fortunate enough to fill the supporting roles with tremendous talent.

The movie is also visually stunning and has epic timing and proportions..
My cinematographer, Hoyt van Hoetema, is a true genius. Nobody can make that movie, so I mean. We did some scenes with Large Format and IMAX Cameras I’ve Never Seen Before. The heart and soul of the film is about capturing the impossible on camera. When I asked Hoyte what he would use if he had to film a UFO, he said he would use an IMAX camera. Just for the solution. As he did for us.

NOPE Jordan Peele

Why business cards?
NOPE is structurally different from other films in this genre. Business cards help the audience see how to watch the movie and understand that I’m not using a straight-line narration style. is a must Pay attention in a different way.

At NOPE, genres are blended and reinvented. Has fun?
naturally! I’ve been trying to define and break genres throughout my career, and part of that has to do with feeling locked up. Movies like having in your hand A magic trick waiting to be shown to the public waiting for the surprise. My advice is: If you can find a chest, open it!

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Horror is the medicine for our fears

Why do you think the horror genre is so important?
Cinema is one of the ways we face our fearswhom we are fighting. Whatever we suppress does not go away. In fact, it could come back in worse ways. Thus, there is something about getting together with a group of people to confront those fears in a safe environment that helps our body free itself and not back down. That’s why these movies work.

NOPE Is Your Richest Movie: What Lesson Did It Give You?
I learned that There is nothing out of reach. I tell myself and anyone trying to make a movie. Everything can be achieved if you find the right teamWork together and solve problems. You can create the greatest fantasies. From king kong character, when they didn’t have any of the tools we have now, it was all about innovation onwards. It was about testing myself and the team and seeing how far we can go. And now I feel we can go even further.

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