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No fuel: and the plane disappears into the thin air above the island of Newfoundland

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September 11, 1990. Peruvian Airlines flight Faucett Peru Disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean near the island of Newfoundland with 16 others, never to be found again. According to crash reconstructions, a distress message was sent from the plane, telling the pilots that they had run out of fuel and would ditch.

Mechanics of the crash

That September 11, 1990 Boeing 727-247 Chartered by the company Faucett Peru, Air Malta For the summer, he was returning to Peru from the Mediterranean island. The aircraft, which still wore the colors of the Air Malta livery, had six crew members and ten passengers, including employees and their families, returning home. Pilots Eduardo Dongo, Alfredo Saavetra, First Officer Varela and Flight Engineer Ramirez were at the controls of the Boeing on that fateful day. As long flight would have to be faced, Boeing did some Intermediate stops Before arriving in Lima: Milan Malpensa, Keflavik, Iceland, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada and Miami, Florida.

After taking off from Keflavik Airport in Iceland, the plane was on its way to Kander, where it was supposed to land at 13.16 local time. But the Faucett Peru 727 never made it to the Canadian airport and its tracks were lost in Canadian skies. l’Communication only Boeing’s Twa Flight 851 and American Airlines Flight 35 were flying over the same area as Fawcett Peru.

When Flight 727’s captain Saavedra reported that he was at 10,000 feet and had run out of fuel, the pilots of both planes panicked and broadcast.SOS For air traffic controllers. But the latter could not communicate with the Boeing pilots, who did not respond to any communication. The only thing operators know is when the flight is disappeared It was about 250 miles southeast of St. John’s, the provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, and was far off the trail to Condor.

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Searches and missing aircraft

Several hours passed without news from Fawcett Peru Flight 727: the Canadian Armed Forces decided to send various routes to search for the plane, the last request from the area. Recovery. Three aircraft, three helicopters, three coast guard ships, a destroyer and two patrol boats were used for the search. But apart from a faint signal picked up by a satellite, there was no sign of the Peruvian Boeing.

At the time of the plane’s disappearance, the weather and visibility were good, so rescuers were hopeful that the plane was able to land and that the passengers would be found alive. Searches continued for a while, but eventually rescue teams had to give up: Faucett Peru flight 727 was reported Dispersed And with it, its passengers.


An investigation has been initiated Mysterious disappearance Faucett Peru flight, but from the beginning there was much confusion about the number of passengers on board. It was initially reported that there were 18 people on board, but Peruvian airline officials later said 3 passengers disembarked at the Icelandic stop. A total of 16 passengers were on board, including family members of Fawcett Peru employees, a newborn baby and 4 women, according to the final report.

when Investigations It was also emphasized that the type of aircraft was not suitable for covering such a long flight, which is why the journey had several refueling stops. Although the pilots of Flight 727 said during their last message that they had run out of fuel, in a final statement Lily Abbas, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, said the plane had traveled hundreds of miles since it grounded. The track was lost and eventually sank in the icy waters of the island of Newfoundland.

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