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No, dear Grillo: Young Italians are nothing but socialists

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Baby Grillo He argues that new generations have embraced the idea of ​​a socialist world.

Good news for founder 5 star movement, is that his examination is partly correct: it is true that a part of the young people view well-being positively, and therefore on alternative income for work and so on. Sociologist Luca Riccolvi explained this well in his book “Mass Luxurious Society”Examining how the private savings of Indigenous families influence young people’s approach to the world of work would help thinking. Here it is to say that ‘Millennials’ – as the comedian called his blog – are ‘Socialists’ but there it passes.

The Grillo discussion begins as follows: Today, millennials are more commonly described as a highly politicized generation, espousing ‘awakened’, progressive, anti-capitalist ideas.. L ‘hyperpolitics The comedian talks about a derivative of a questionable note. Closed political sections, very few street demonstrations, dead and buried ideals, ideologies descended from above such as absolute ecology and so on: it is easier to make sure that there is political neutrality or depoliticization, like those who gave birth to the 5 stars of the movement, the prince of populism indefinitely Named, you should know very well.

I Millennials So they are the first to enjoy a lower socio-economic order than previous generations, from 1945 onwards. No group of generations, from the post-war period until today, have lived worse than their parents. Yet, although the statistics paint a collective difficulty in taking charge of life, we are far from the riots of 1968. All that socialist politicization is not there: Millennials tend, in perhaps a very respectful way, to wait for the so-called new generation to step aside. The goal is to break into the right place in the world. There is a bit of an ideal circulating: resignation prevails.

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In short, more on the side of rediscovering socialism, we are in a complete “dictatorship of the majority,” to quote Tocqueville but in an age-related key. Having said that, to refute the thesis of Grillo, who has also given a series of opinion polls, the numbers are there. According to this survey From Dimedia Which dates back to last October, around 40% Young Italians will vote for the center-right, as there are no sentiments for the Venezuelan regime or for the People’s Republic of China. The Five Star Movement, among people under the age of 35, is no longer popular: it is around 10%.

It is correct to say that many Italian boys have trusted the 5-star movement to openImpasse Socio-economic: to testify, moreover, there is another case, the case of millennials voting in the end political elections. But a generation brought up on bread, merit, academic qualifications, and zero purchase rights earned, thanks to the incredible feats of state grillini, proof of achievement (at least for those who voted for Di Maio, Conte etc.). ) Evaluation error. Grillo dreams of socialist millennials, but most likely, he will have to assess the effects of a generation that has become anti-barbecue by a large majority and in a short time.

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