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No! 95% of monkeypox infections in Canada are not single and are not linked to the Govt-19 vaccine

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Rotate it Screenshot In an article reported on Canadian television CTV News, local authorities acknowledge that 95% of the cases in the monkey box are actually cases of herpes zoster. According to No Vox, this is not really monkey pox, but evidence of a negative reaction to the Govt-19 vaccine.

For those in a hurry

  • An article is being circulated on Canadian television CTV News claiming that the No Vox principle has been confirmed in the monkey box.
  • According to No Vox, the monkey box is linked to the herpes zoster Govt-19 vaccine in this case, if anything.
  • No article, no link to the message and the only clue that is reported online is the screenshot.
  • Screenshot shows the mobile version of the CTV News site that is not compatible. With a photo editing program there are many elements that identify the work of the work.


Here is one For example What is spread online about the news that is said to have been spread by CTV News:

Canada. 95% of monkey box cases are actually singles. Experts link it to Govt vaccines and ADE. The research will be submitted to the WHO.

The film shows what an article published on Canadian television should look like CTV NewsTitled, “Health officials investigating two dozen suspected cases of monkey flu across Canada found 95% of cases to be singles”, which is said to be investigating their alleged occurrence in Canada.

Source of the screenshot

The oldest release of the screenshot is earlier May 22, 2022 From the Twitter account ProjectTabs.

No trace of the article

On May 25, 2022, Canadian authorities They did not report No mention was made of the strange news circulating on social media. The Canadian television station did not report any such news. Also, no links have been circulated online that would allow the alleged publication to be detected.

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Responsible for communication CTV News Rob Duffy, contacted by colleagues AFP testHe said their channel had never published a story like this and that the screenshot showed a fake article.


A poorly done photomontage is evident. Let’s compare the screenshot (pictured below on the left) spread across social networks An article In the mobile version of the Canadian site.

All we can see is the logo. Aside from the fact that it is not top left and center, the NEWS text is large and does not match the CTV logo. The word “Canada” above the title of the fake article is very attached and changed to the right, while on the original site it is aligned exactly with the title. Font sizes do not even match.


To say that the media confirms the conspiracy theories about the Govt-19 anti-vaccine, we are confronted with the hypocrisy created with art. Previously we handled all the similar Italian case, Massimo Giannini’s false editorial (we talk about that here).

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