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Nintendo against the videos of a YouTuber who commissioned a multiplayer mode for Breath of the Wild

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PointCrow is a YouTuber who, among others, creates various videos related to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. As often happens in this environment, to make the content more interesting, PointCrow has commissioned some modern related to the game and one of them is offering multiplayer within the video game. Nintendo However, it acted against the design, practically preventing the monetization of its videos, even those without this mod.

information comes from PointCrow He himself, who explained that the videos are still available on YouTube, but they have been demonetised, i.e. a YouTuber cannot earn money. We are talking about videos that easily collect more than a million views, so the design definitely misses out on big profits.

Nothing new That Nintendo prohibits this type of content and production. The Kyoto community is highly protective of its intellectual property around the world. Obviously, she has the right to do so, but obviously it can be frustrating for many content creators and their fans. Many developers encourage the creation of mods, which ensure a long life (and sales) of the video game and many fans would like Nintendo to follow the same path.

there Multiplayer mod – which appears to be the reason for Nintendo’s recent actions – was created by two depositors, stanz and ARCHITECT, who thus won the $10,000 prize offered by PointCrow in 2021. However, the mod only became public on April 4, 2023 via the PointCrow Dispute channel: possibly At this point Nintendo decided to act.

The mod is well done and allows many players Explore the world of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild togetherComplete missions, open chests, solve puzzles and interact with the environment. Furthermore, the two players do not necessarily have to stay close to each other.

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You can see a video dedicated to the model in our dedicated news.

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