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New accessibility console presented at Sony’s CES – Multiplayer.it

New accessibility console presented at Sony’s CES – Multiplayer.it

At CES 2023, Sony introduced Leonardo projectnew controllers for PS5 which allows people with physical limitations to play their favorite video games. You will be able to connect multiple devices to access more commands and customize your approach.

Through the PS Blog this is explained Leonardo project It can be used as a standalone controller or paired with other Project Leonardo or DualSense wireless controllers. Up to two Project Leonardo controllers and a DualSense wireless controller can be used together as a single virtual console, allowing gamers to mix and match devices to suit their gaming needs or play cooperatively with others.

Sony writes:”Accessibility is an important topic for us at PlayStation and we want to continue to raise the bar to allow all players to experience the joy of the game. Whether it’s the powerful accessibility options in PlayStation Studios games, like Sony Santa Monica’s God of War Ragnarök or Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 1, or the wide range of UI features in our PS4 and PS5 consoles, we’re excited to be lowering barriers. play for each player.

Today at CES, we announced the next step in our journey to make gaming more accessible: Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5. Developed with input from accessibility experts, community members, and game developers, Project Leonardo is named for a new controller suite. Highly customizable Works “out of the box” to help many players with disabilities play easier, more comfortable, and longer.

Thanks to conversations with accessibility experts and wonderful organizations like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect, and Stack Up, we’ve designed a highly configurable controller that works alongside many third-party accessibility accessories and integrates with your PS5 controller to open up new ways to play. It was designed to address common challenges faced by many gamers with limited motor control, including difficulty holding a controller for long periods, accurately pressing small combinations of buttons or triggers, or optimally positioning thumbs and fingers on a standard controller.

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Project Leonardo for PS5 is a canvas for gamers to create their own gaming experience. Includes solid set Interchangeable componentsincluding a variety of analog stick and button covers in different shapes and sizes.

Players can use these ingredients for crafting Wide range of control layouts. Moreover, the distance of the analog stick from the gamepad can be adjusted according to the player’s preference. These components allow players to find the setup that best suits their strength, range of motion, and specific physical needs.

On the PS5 console, players have a number of options at their disposal to customize their gaming experience with Project Leonardo. The console buttons can be programmed to any supported function, and multiple buttons can be assigned to the same function. Also, players can assign two functions (such as “R2” + “L2”) to the same button. Players can store programmed button settings as control profiles and easily switch between them by pressing the profile button. Up to three control profiles can be stored and accessed at any time from the PS5 console.