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Nightmare in Gotham! – Image 1 of 4

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Explosive team between The Dark Knight From DC Comics andNightmare detective to Sergio Bonelli Publisher. Actually, the next comes out 26 Aug Dylan Dog and Batman. Gotham nightmareNew story by Robert Riccione which he designed Gigi Cavenago And Ferter dell’Ederawith colours Joanna Nero.

In this new record, while kylix unleash terror on gotham city, Dylan’s dog And Batman They are faced with an insoluble dilemma: to accept help or not jokerWho can prove to be a key ally in catching the serial killer? But can they really trust him?

after “bat shadow” And “To hell and back“, Dylan Dog and Batman. Gotham nightmare It is the third and final episode through which the complex story in which he sees the creature unfolds Slavic Tiziano and the dark knight Made at DC Comics who since the 1940s has become one of the best-known and most recognized pop icons in comics, film, television, video games, and merchandising.

There is a commonality between the two characters. It was 1986, when the superhero donned the bat suit – he was officially born in 1939 in Issue 27 of Detective Comics, thanks to the imagination of Bill Finger And Bob Kane He lives a real renaissance in a short series in four books written and illustrated by him Frank Miller: Batman The Dark Knight. More self-deprecating than heroic, he introduced himself to Italian readers in his newsstand appearance on September 26, 1986. Dylan’s dog with “Dawn of the living deadIts creator, Tiziano Sclavi, introduces a new, fresh, personal and original character, characteristics that have been evident since Investigator of the Nightmare’s debut.

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Today the two historical figures find themselves facing each other for the collective fruit of the extraordinary project in which the heroes of Bonelli meet the heroes of the DC universe that debuted last year with The encounter between flash And Zagorfollowed by that between Nathan never And Justice League.

Dylan Dog, Batman 3Gotham nightmare“, words Robert Riccione and graphics Ferter del Edera and Gigi Cavenagocover Gigi Cavenago. from 26 Aug On newsstands, picture stores and on our official website.

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