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The Aristocats Big news arrives in Disney’s highly anticipated live-action remake

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aristocrats, the beloved Disney animated classic from 1970, is just the latest animated film for the House of Mickey Mouse about to make its live-action debut. In fact, the production of the film is preparing to start, and in the past few hours important news has appeared about the names that will be called to give life to the project.

Film direction will be taken by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompsonbest known for being the drummer for The Roots, known as the resident band on the American Late Show The Tonight Show Hosted by Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Questlove made his directorial debut in documentary filmmaking Summer of the soulWhich won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2022.

In addition to co-directing, Questlove will personally supervise the film’s musical department. Instead the script will be edited by the director Will Gluck Former screenwriter Peter Rabbit – And from Keith Boninformer Pixar movie screenwriter onwards.

Lead singer of The Roots Tariq TrotterAnd Shawn GAnd Zara Zolman and Questlove himself will be credited as executive producers. Gluck will produce the film through his production studio Olive Breed, in association with Questlove’s Two One Five Entertainment.

Directed by Wolfgang Reithermann in 1970. aristocrats It is the twentieth Disney Classic film and is notable for being the last film project approved by Walt Disney himself and the first made after his death in 1966.

Set in Paris in 1910, it is loosely based on the story written by Tom McGowan and Tom Roe and tells of a beloved family of cats living peacefully in the home of an elderly aristocrat. However, these things will be made to disappear by the butler of the house thus becoming the sole heir to the rich lady’s fortune. With the help of the stray cat Romeo and their friends, the Aristocats will try to restore their lives.

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Live adaptation to work aristocrats At the moment there is no official date for its release.

What do you think of this interesting new Disney adaptation? Let us know in the comments!

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