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Car tax, if you have this thing, you don’t have to pay it anymore: very few know it – Democrat

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Very little is known about the car tax, if you have this thing, you don’t have to pay it anymore: this is what it is

car tax Previously referred to as a provincial tax but is generally known as car taxis a local tax provided by the Italian Finance Department, which is levied on cars and motor vehicles registered in the Italian Republic and for which they pay tax in favor of the region of residence.

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Possession assumes some obvious things like registration in the Public Motor Vehicle Registry, which states that the binding entity may be different from the owner, as stated in the PRA. Determine the main source of the tax concerned.Consolidated text of auto tax laws Which refers to the Democratic Republic of the Congo February 5, 1953 n. 39.

Article 7 of Law No. Amendment of paragraph 29 of Article 5 of Legislative Decree No. 99 of July 23, 2009. No. 953 of 1982, meaning the provision of passive subjectivity to any person who is the owner, buyer, beneficiary, etc. with the retention charter stipulated in the General Motor Register.

Stamp duty also qualifies throughout Italy as a car ownership tax and not a trading tax. For this reason, all owners of the vehicles involved are required to pay road tax, regardless of actual use. Road tax is no longer required in the event of theft, demolition or transportation of the vehicle abroad.

The economic value of the stamp depends on some factors such as:

  • mediator power and taxes that reduce with the age of the car until repealed before 20 years of age
  • The parameter specified by the region of residence from the owner of the car
  • Pollution class
  • mid-age
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But important news regarding the auto tax and the issue of exemption.

Permanent exemption from car tax: what’s the news

car tax
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tax legislation contemplated and recorded by the Revenue Agency website, provide a special significance as far as rRelating to persons with disabilities and their familieswhile retaining some tax breaks for them.

Regarding the deduction argument, for each child with a financially dependent disability, the following deductions from personal income tax are due, namely:

  • 1620 EURIf the child is under three years old
  • 1350 EURFor a child of three years of age or older

it is possible, Moreover, for exemption from paying car tax when registering the car for people with disabilities and when the owner is a family member who is physically dependent on him.

If a disabled person owns several vehicles, the exemption is for only one of them; At documentation time, this will refer to the story of one of the selected vehicles. To take advantage of the exemption, the person must only undergo the first year of the competent office (But you can also send it by registered mail) Required documents.

Once the documents are submitted within 90 days of the deadlinein which payment must be made, The exemption is also valid for subsequent years, Without repeating the question more.

The offices that receive the application must necessarily transfer the data contained in it to the information system of the tax register.

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