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Nicola Frigo stays with the Vicenza Devils to “win with the strongest team ever!”

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An important new confirmation in the Diavoli house: it will also remain in red and white for next season Nicola refrigeratorfor the sixth year in Vicenza, a veteran with his brother Michelle it’s at Claudio Tabanelli.
He arrived in Vicenza in September 2017 and has always been known for his commitment, passion and team spirit. Over the years he has grown and created more and more spaces on and off the field, achieving his first great results with red and white and has been called up three times with the first national team, most recently this summer by participating in the Globalism Toys in the United States and fourth in the blue jersey and one with the under-20s.
Despite his young age, he will therefore be one of the references for the upcoming season.

Nicolas Frigo: “Come and watch us in the Patinodromo. With Milan, Asiago and Stadella are the strongest”
“I am one of the ‘olds’ on this team, with six seasons under his belt at the Demons – he stated Nicola refrigerator – … In short, a historian of the group with Michel and Claudio. It’s great, because we’ve always enjoyed ourselves here, and there was never the idea of ​​a change. From the first year my brother and I have been very well received, from year to year the company has made progress, it has always done well for us and the least we can do is share the trust and do our best to make it at home as many awards as possible.”

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In these years I have grown up and achieved important goals with demons. How do you see the team for next season?
“This year, in my opinion, Vicenza is in its history the strongest team in terms of names. Then of course we’ll have to see the pitch test, but I’m sure we can get to the bottom of all competitions and not just the bottom, with a view to winning them, including potential champions, if there will be.”

The team has changed again from last year, at least in part. In your opinion, can this put everything into question or should we start from a good foundation?
“We start from a good foundation because experienced players who have played in different teams who know how to integrate into a new group, who want to do it and above all want to win, so in my opinion there will be no problems in this regard.”

On a personal level, given your experience in Vicenza, do you feel you have more responsibility on and off the track to keep the locker room together?
“For me, this is not a responsibility, it is part of my character, it is my character to try to lend a helping hand, to do everything to be able to raise the demons as high as possible.”

The tournament starts earlier than usual, will the teams be ready? Are the demons ready?
It will be a matter of seeing the first day. Definitely the best equipped teams. Then it will also be necessary to see lifts, slopes and a series of external factors. If all the teams can expect to train, but I think we will all be ready.”

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Will it still be a battle between Vicenza and Milan?
“Certainly, without a doubt. Then behind us I see a good Asiago, and in my opinion, this year Cittadella will be a surprise in the form of a good team ».

Do you have a message for the red and white fans?
“Come to the gym as often as possible to support us so we don’t disappoint them this year.”

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