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Polisportiva Malpensata Campagnola, belonging to Atalanta between football and society

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Bergamo. When branding can make a difference. The Atalanta emblem, not only in recent years, means brilliance and prestige, especially if the emblem of the goddess approaches less glossy and status realities, mathematical or otherwise.

This is the case for his Malpensata neighborhood Malpensata Campagnola Sports Center, who began cooperating with the Nerazzurri Club. With a goal beyond sport.

“Unfortunately, the Malpensata does not have a good reputation – he says Antonino mayothe secretary of the sports club – this is said because it is a social residential neighborhood: with this partnership we are also trying to give a place to the neighborhood.”

“There was already cooperation – adds Maggio – now and then the children of Atalanta football schools came to play matches in our structures, and we made the spaces available. Since last year, we have addressed this issue in more depth.”

Affiliation states thatAtalanta Children who have finished soccer schools (they enter at five and stay until 11) can be “transferred” at Malpensata Campagnola, where they can always play and grow under Nerazzurri’s supervision. So the boy who finished soccer school and doesn’t stay in Atalanta doesn’t stay without a team and doesn’t have to start over to look for a team.

In return, Atalanta offers assistance with instructors, helping to find qualified technicians, “while we go to Zingonia to take courses to become more professional.”

polisportiva football ranges from the chicks (the youngest 2017) to the first team playing in the third category of FIGC, with different youth categories comprising of multiple teams, both junior and junior level. Football, but also sociability.

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“We also want to have a social role, we have meetings with families to tell them about our plans. Families are responding well, even in the neighbourhood. Some players have already grown a lot on a technical level and are starting an important path with ours. Malpensata academy. Hopefully we can continue in the coming years, because having the Atalanta logo next to ours is a huge help.”

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