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New tricks to chat with people on WhatsApp without adding them to contacts, it’s really simple!

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For those who are already there, there are new interesting ways to chat with people we don’t have in our WhatsApp contacts.

Thanks to the brains of the web, it is possible to manipulate the applications of daily use to our liking, without telling us how to do it.

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In this case, as can be understood from the title, we are talking about WhatsApp, the application that allows us to keep in touch with the people we know. So much so that even though someone unknown to us may have our number, thanks to the application we decide whether to add it to our contacts or block it permanently. Not surprisingly, in this way, inconveniences are avoided, at least from the point of view of the phone.

However, if, on the contrary, we need to talk to someone who is not among our acquaintances, the situation changes. It is clear, however, that what we shall shortly say must never be used harassing people or It bothers them Generally. Therefore, the tricks that we are going to introduce should be used only for urgent reasons. For example, if we don’t top up our card, we can use these tricks to contact someone on the app and ask for what we need.

But the surprises of WhatsApp certainly don’t end there. In fact, the popular website WABetaInfo has discovered that there is a possibility to edit messages already sent on the chat. Or, going to Instagram, if we really don’t want to let others know how many likes we receive under a post, we can do it thanks to this simple trick. With the brackets closed, let’s see how to contact the people we need without having them on WhatsApp.

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Two new tricks to connect with people on WhatsApp without feeling the need to sign them up

The first trick we want to talk about has to do with the app, but not its mobile version. Actually, we are talking, to be precise, about using Internet browsers from our computer.

Simply put, the first thing you need to do is open the web browser that we usually use and type this series of words:****************. Obviously, as you will understand, they should be entered instead of asterisks The numbers that make up the number we are interested in. In addition, it is also necessary to enter country code.

As a result, after performing these steps correctly, a web page will appear with a caption, for example “Continue chatting.” By clicking on this item, WhatsApp will open and you will be able to chat with the people you are interested in who own this number.

The second trick that can serve us is to use the green application

If in the first case we did not need outside help, since it was all online, in this second case you must instead download some application to your mobile phone. The respective app can be found on the Play Store and called Click to chat.

through useApplication programming interfaceswhich indicates in the computer field that software that allows two applications to be able to communicate with each other, we can chat with people who are interested in us directly on WhatsApp.

It’s very simple: thanks to the WhatsApp API, explained a little earlier, a chat-like window will open directly on the green application, after entering the number of interest to us with its country code.

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However, if you don’t know the country code, don’t worry: the app has an internal function with a list of countries where you can enter the reference number. So, the app itself will search for the area code and allow you to chat with the respective number.

Although many do not trust downloading new applications, we can say that this second trick is the fastest way to chat with whomever we need.

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