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Leonardo among the best of Ftse Mib. The potential is explosive

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A return to business after a longer-than-usual weekend due to the Christmas festivities took place under the banner of shopping for Leonardo.

Leonardo re-boards Ftse Mib

The stock rallied again today after gaining more than two percentage points last Friday.

At the end of the day Leonardo was photographed at 8.16 euros, at the peak of the session, an increase of 1.04% and more than 1.6 million shares were exchanged in the market, equal to the average of 3 .3 in the last 30 days. million.

Today’s stock showed more strength than the Ftse Mib, winning one of the top positions in the blue chip basket.

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Leonardo: Canadian Security Treaty

Some news from the corporate front contributed to supporting Leonardo, reported ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The Canadian Department of National Defense has awarded Leonardo a contract to modernize 13 existing AW101/CH-149 SAR “Cormorant” helicopters, used for search and rescue, and to add 3 more aircraft, expanding the fleet’s operations. 2042.

The value of the contract is equal to 1 billion Canadian dollars, which corresponds to 690 million euros and represents 4% of Leonardo’s expected order collection for the whole of 2022.

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Equita SIM analysts believe the deal is already included in 2022 order collection guidance, which was raised to more than 15 to 16 billion euros during this year’s third-quarter results.

Milanese Sim’s experts speak of positive news that will increase the outlook, waiting for announcements from Western countries regarding the increase in military spending budgets from 2023.

In addition, the US Department of Defense has exercised its option for the production and delivery of the fourth batch as part of a project to build a new advanced training system for the US Navy, which AugustaWestland Philadelphia is responsible for. 26 TH-73A helicopters, worth $110.5 million.

The helicopters will be built in Philadelphia and completed by December 2024, at which time they will be delivered.

Leonardo on Equita SIM and Bca Across Considerations

Meanwhile, Equita SIM’s view is unchanged, keeping its bullish strategy unchanged by confirming a “buy” recommendation and a target price of 12 euros on Leonardo.

Banca Agros is betting on the stock, renewing its buy call in recent days with a target price of 15 euros, indicating about 84% upside potential compared to Piazza Afari’s current quotes.

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