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New space for the giants of Monte Brama, show during the Literary Festival – Cabras | Events | Sardinia Events 24

New space for the giants of Monte Brama, show during the Literary Festival – Cabras |  Events |  Sardinia Events 24

The new museum room
© Monte Brama Foundation

Sunday 10 Julyin the gardens of the Civic Museum in CaprasAt 19 o’clock on the third and last day of the first day Giants Island Literary Archeology Festival – A Journey of Three Thousand Years. The writer was among the guests at the end Francesco Mussolino Which presents Marie Musso (E/O ed), his new novel with the stormy Sardinian seas as the great protagonist.

The event is also an opportunity to present The new structure that will host the Monte Brama giantsDesigned as one The casket is suitable for preserving the sculptural complex Which in ancient times stood on the hill of Monte Brama.

Opening day, Friday 8 July, began with words Anthony Moroni, President of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, who advocated “a mixture of languages, a bridge between the various forms of art and culture that could lead to the complete strengthening of the archaeological heritage of Monte Prama”. Then the new hall was presented to the giants. “We are very satisfied with this work,” explained the mayor of Cabras Andrea ApisHe added: “After a long period of extensive work, first to design and then to implement the construction site, the new wing of the Civic Museum has become a reality visible in all its beauty. The outer friezes tell, in symbolic and artistic language, the history of our land and a people traveling three thousand years ago. It’s a really important moment for Capras and this administration. We only approved the latest edition in February 2022. What is visible now – concludes the mayor – is the casket that alone represents a work of art, in which there is a strong context with the territory, through symbolic reproductions of stylized warriors and the elements of water, lake, land and the unknown “”.

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admin Monica Stuchino Emphasizes the importance of the project: “Museums are responsible for preserving and highlighting the heritage of identity, and today we see the birth of a new wing of a museum that performs this function in the best possible way, and guarantees one of the basic human rights, to ensure access to culture”,

“The project is titled ‘Between Silence and Light’ and aims to connect the mystery surrounding the sculptures with the desire for knowledge that stems from them,” explains the architect. Renata Fiamawho adds: “The facade is made of dark and light and to its creativity, the sand casting technique was invented and reinterpreted, by Sardinian artist Costantino Nivola, able to poetically shape concrete by pouring (pour) liquid onto a form of sand.”

The third day program starts at 7 pm with Francesco Mussolino in conversation with Sonia Borsato. At 7.45pm it’s up to Marino Magliani: “Lieutenant Dumonts Spyglass” (Strega Finalist | Orma Publisher) with Vanessa Ruggeri. Let’s hate the concert of Maria Giovanna Cerci, tasting and appetizing. We continue at 9:30 PM with Cecilia Sala: “Does War Generate Heroes?” Submitted by Giovanni Follisa. At 10:15 pm, Francesco Bonami Incontro talks about “Telling Giants’ Stories,” with an introduction by Anthony Moroni. Last appointment, 11 p.m., sees Philomena’s campus in “To be Franca. Franca Ram’s Many Lives”, supported by the Dario Vu and Franca Ram Foundation. Greetings and thanks from Mattia Fu.

The event is also broadcast on the websites Monteprama And on the profile Egativ Facebook. More information about SiteOnline reservations at Evenbright.

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