September 21, 2023

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New movies coming with Luke, Han, and Leia?

New movies coming with Luke, Han, and Leia?

It seems that Star Wars cannot separate itself from its historical object: recently a reliable rumor has spread according to which it is soon New shorts may be announced (short film) Starring Han, Luke and Leia. Let’s see the details below!

New movies coming?

Publication of new short films

indiscretion comes from Sean O’RourkeWho is not just a leaker or an insider however Professional with twenty years of experience in the film industry And the TV he worked on HBO, CBS, Warner Bros. Disney, Lionsgate, Blumhouse, Amazon Studios, Hulu, Netflix, etc. He claims to have heard a rumor During the upcoming Star Wars Celebrationwhich will be held in London from 7 to 10 April, A new series of short films will be announced (immobile) Dedicated to Luke, Han and Leia.

As we know, Luke and Leia are already brought back in concession as a youth Through the use of CGIAnd doing it with Han Solo wouldn’t be a problem (because we’ll see Harrison Ford’s facelift in the next Indiana Jones movie). As mentioned, it will literally be around short filmSo Short films for television (which differs from motion pictures only in its short duration), but its scope will still have a huge impact.

This is a way to open a file New products that tell their stories in post-Endor? We don’t know, and we don’t even know if this announcement will happen (although the source is reliable). But we really hope Lucasfilm’s plans are differentand include developing stories with new characters. And to top it all off, it’s not just a prequel to bringing their revamped versions back to the cinema in new movies.

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