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Here are the first reactions to the press

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The countdown continues unabated: Oppenheimerone of the cinematic events of this year is coming up In our theaters on August 23, 2023, a month after its release in the United States. First opinions on the latest great effort by Christopher Nolan.

First reactions are often full of enthusiasm, but there are always some voices outside the pack. Not in this case, it seems: one does not shout at the masterpiece, a word too bloated, but above all praises the visual aspect of Oppenheimeron which Nolan much insisted on certain technical aspects of not only the shooting but also the staging (even going so far as to recommend the coveted four-seat IMAX theaters where it would be convenient to see the film).

Views are coming from the world premiere in Paris that took place yesterday, in light of its theatrical release July 20th – same day BarbieHis first reactions you can read here. This is what the critics said:

  • It’s Nolan’s most impressive work to date For the way she combines her acknowledged visual mastery with one of the deepest dives into character in modern American cinema – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
  • It blew me away: a character study on a grand scale, with a brilliant performance by Cillian Murphy. An epic historical drama, but with Nolan’s trademark sensibility: tension, structure, sense of proportion, amazing sound design, great visual effects. amazing. – Maythum diedtotal movie
  • truly Amazing resultIn its honest yet concise adaptation, inventive storytelling and nuanced performances by Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon and many, many others, some for just one scene.Lindsey BarrNews agency
  • completely absorbed by OPPENHEIMER, A dense, sonorous and taut film Partly about the bomb, but mostly about the extent of our fate. Happy summer! Murphy is good, but support is essential: Damon, Downey Jr. and Ehrenreich also bring gags. A bold, innovative and complex film that will shock its audienceJonathan DeanSunday times
  • OPPENHEIMER IS… INCREDIBLE. The word that comes to mind is “frightening”. A complex, insanely detailed historical drama that relentlessly builds and builds and builds until Nolan drops the hammer in the most shocking way possible.Bilge Iberieagle
  • I was skeptical, but Oppenheimer has stayed with me since I saw him last week. Yes, that’s 3 hours, but in thick Scorsese fashion and the last 20 minutes (which is clearly why Emily Blunt takes the role) carries on its three narrative threads. to an impressive resultGregory ElwoodPlaylist
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what do you think? Is the uproar escalated with the advent of August 23? Tell us about you in the comments.

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