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Clothes, how to hang them so you don’t have to iron them: the old Japanese way

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There is a way to hang clothes in a very special way without having to iron them. This is what the Japanese method consists of.

Posting clothes the Japanese way –

During our household chores, we find ourselves every day or about to come to terms with our chores Laundry And mount clothes and bathroom accessories to wash in the washing machine.

Then let it dry Clothes Or hang them on a drying rack to take advantage of the heat and sun that tend to dry them out or if there are gloomy days or we want our clothes to dry as quickly as possible, many of us use the dryer.

Clothes: here’s how to dry them so they don’t iron

Although not everyone has one in the house, we tend to choose the first option and if it rains they hang the clothes in the house, making sure there is the room where you go to put the clothes. Clothes Well ventilated so that no condensation or moisture forms inside.

Once dry, our clothes must be pulled out and ironed later. This is because some clothes, especially those made of lighter fabrics, tend to wrinkle due to washing.

There are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen, it’s first and foremost a good thing separate our clothes First wash all heavy items such as towels, then lighter towels, so that they are not subjected to pressure from others.

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Clothes: how to dry them so as not to iron them
Ironing –

Also, by not filling the washer too much Clothes They will be able to move more freely and thus will not be tight and in little way to move from one side to the other thus avoiding folds due to the accumulation of Clothes in the washing machine.

To avoid wrinkles on lighter fabrics, it is also recommended to wash sheets and towels separately so as not to stress those fabrics that tend to absorb more water, as mentioned earlier.

Japanese style

But there is a way coming from Japan Which seems to be very effective in avoiding ironing our clothes in order to save not only some money on the bill but also some time.

As soon as the clothes are pulled, they must be hung by shaking them as much as possible and put on a hanger, tightening them as tightly as possible, and in this way, as if by magic, the folds are reduced until they are completely gone.

To make sure that we have Clothes Elongated, you can use pliers on the seams which also avoid annoying marks left by wedges It is always recommended to use plastic pliers which tend to leave less marks and are lighter in weight.

However, we must also be careful using this method, we must calculate the drying time well and not keep it Clothes Hanging for a long time, otherwise it may stiffen and have other problems.

Clothes: how to dry them so as not to iron them
Hanging clothes –

In fact, it is always advisable to bring up a file Clothes In the air in a shaded area because too much sun strengthens the clothes and as far as clothespins for T-shirts and T-shirts are concerned, they should be pulled from the armpits while skirts and pants from the waist.

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Another method that has become popular is the basket method. This way after pulling our method Clothes It should be stretched well on a solid shelf and then folded as if it were flat.

then put us Clothes In a basket, one on top of the other, always start first with the clothes with more folds and then put all the other clothes on top so that the weight tends to crush them and provide a result that will be very similar to using an iron.

Obviously there are some garments whose folds are more subtle in which case you can’t avoid using an iron.

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