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Crossovers are the best buys under 25,000 euros: how many racing cars are there

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It seems that crossovers are becoming more and more fashionable. But what are the best? There is certainly no shortage of auto call.

Crossovers, at least recently, seem to be becoming more and more fashionable. At least recently. But what are they? Aside from crossover SUVs – something completely different and certainly another type of car – they are cars equipped with a body built thanks to two or more other types of structures.

Crossover, here are the best on market

This term means interfering in English and has been applied mainly by manufacturers such as Lexus; The goal was to define his ill-defined nature.

how? The highlight is that it was a car straddled between two types of traditional machines and therefore difficult to place in a specific market segment. Currently, in 2023, crossovers are very popularAnd precisely for this reason, in this article we will see which ones are the best to consider at the moment.

Ford and Hyundai start dancing

Ford Puma, a cat car’: A model, this model, that really kicks off the mini crossover dance. The design of the American car in question is really similar to other Ford models in certain things, but the aesthetics and design know how to distinguish themselves in a positive way. Without forgetting the Mega Box, an 80-liter space that replaces the spare wheel and increases the loading height by about thirty centimeters to facilitate the transport of long items. Its price is around 25,000 euros, which is definitely affordable for a car that knows how to amaze motorists and insiders alike.

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Ford Puma March 1, 2023
Ford Puma

Hyundai Conda: No need to get around too much. This little crossover has had extraordinary and well-deserved success, and it doesn’t really seem like it’s stopping. It has an aggressive and sporty design, and at the same time it is really stylish and beautiful to look at. Nothing is left to chance graphically, and even less technically; The frame combines safety and fun to perfection. Small size does not limit the internal space. The base price is appropriate: 22 thousand euros.

Jeep Avenger, Opel Mokka and Volkswagen Taygo complete the work

Pocket Avenger, with Stellants you are on the safe side: The success of this car has been known around the world for months, amid awards and high praise from drivers and insiders. And it really is a well-deserved success. With a length of just over four meters, this car differs from its competitors in the market for its very personal design, as well as for the electrics that set it apart from others. Likewise for the price, as 25 thousand euros is enough to buy one. Autonomy never disappoints, thanks to the availability of more than 500 km in the urban cycle.

Jeep Avenger (web source) March 1, 2023
Jeep Avenger (web source)

Opel Mokka: The good news does not end with motorists, with such a car. It can be yours for 24,000 euros, and in each version it offers endless maneuverability, quality and savings. The Mokka-e version also makes the difference, thanks to an electric motor belonging to the PSA group and many advantages while driving.

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Volkswagen Taygo, let’s close the dances “German style”: Finally, it really can’t end better than this. From the keyless entry and start system, the fully digital instrument cluster, the wireless charger for smartphones and the semi-automatic steering system. The car runs on petrol onlywith the most powerful being able to unleash a maximum of 150 horsepower. Its market value starts from 23 thousand euroswhich is really appropriate.

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