October 3, 2023

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Gasoline in Naples, the cheapest ten distributors: where it fills up for less than 1.7 euros

Gasoline in Naples, the cheapest ten distributors: where it fills up for less than 1.7 euros

with consent Bis aid decreethe government also launched an extension until September 20 for the discount on excise duties on fuel – the equivalent of about 30 cents – has been adopted so far to counteract the increase in prices charged to distributors. So consumers will have a little less than an extra month – excluding new extensions – to fill prices with more sustainable prices. to me Naplesspecifically, can be found at least Ten distributors – Including “white pumps”, i.e. without an official brand – gasoline can be bought for as little as 1.7 euros per liter, according to updated data for August provided by the Price Maze Observatory.

In the tenth position of this special arrangement is the service station loosen the oil viale JF Kennedy 145, where fuel costs 1699 euros per liter but only in autonomous mode. The same number is shared by four other distributors: Ludwill From Via Galileo Ferraris 1/A, la Leonardo in Di From Piazza Leonardo 29, andelectronic oil From Beccadelli Road 27 andoil Via Ferraris 119.

On the other hand, the price of gasoline that can be bought at the service station drops to 1.697 euros per liter Fantasy Alma by Alessandro Vistaat Cardarelli Road 12. 4th and 3rd place for the dealer He. She Via Ferraris 44/48, which sells its fuel at 1689 euros per liter with self-catering, plusEnergas di Parisi Giuseppe to Amini Hills.

They complete the podium Pinto Petroleum Naples via Domenico Fontana andIP Clamar for fuel On the Cardarelli 1 route: Gasoline costs 1.679 and 1.677 euros per liter, respectively.

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