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Magna Graecia Film Festival, Casadonte’s story for Sky cameras

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National media echo about Magna Graecia Film Festival Which will be open all nightThe port area and the monastery of San Giovanni di Catanzaro. Sky TG24 made space for the event by interviewing the creator and Technical Director Gianvito Casadonti On the Guests and Topics of the Nineteenth Edition. “

A beautiful initiative that brings together all the worlds and nuances of art, film and music”: this is the comment from the TV studio that gave way to Casadonte’s intervention which recalled the commitment to build a large container that explores our reality and aims to bring together young emerging authors and great film masters.” To speak directly with figures such as Richard Gere, John Landis, Michael Radford, and Jeremy Piven. A gift to share with my colleagues and tourists who will come to visit us to experience a wonderful film festival every evening.” In conclusion, Studio TG24 Sky launched the invitation to discover “a city as beautiful as Catanzaro and its most hidden sides” through the festival.

Sky TG24 interview link

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