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Netflix, staggering increases: subscribers are on the run

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Here is some news on this topic Netflix, the price of subscribers will change dramatically. Let’s see together what will happen.

Netflix It’s a platform Stream It is very popular all over the world allowing you to watch thousands and thousands of Movies, documentaries, TV series or cartoons. It has achieved maximum success during the pandemic, thanks to its affordable pricing. However, they seem to be on the way Staggering increases Which will see many users flee. Here’s what will happen.

Netflix (Pixabay)

It seems It’s too good to be true; A platform that allows us to relax in front of the TV at a very low price. Many were expecting it and it seems that day has come: a new one Price increases for Netflix.

It will definitely be the first ad in a long-running series, so much so Disney + She decided to take a cue from the “kings of broadcasting”, by increasing the monthly price for her subscribers. It has happened now Only in America, but Italy is already feeling its breath on its neck and soon this news will reach here too. Not everyone is willing to pay for a subscription More expensive And many give up miscellaneous Stream To try and save some money.

Most movie or TV series enthusiasts won’t care much about this business strategy, waiver Netflix It appears to be more complicated than one might think.

News for platform subscribers Stream

As we well know, the platform Streamwhich it always displays to its users Several subscriptions that you can refer to. Starting with one of the 5.49 euros And you end with that 17.99 eurosDisplays have different properties, such as screen on SD, Full HD or HDR / UHD. The user is free to choose the subscription that is suitable for him, and it is free from any advertising or advertising.

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or at least for now, Things seem to have changed And the news is not positive at all. Soon we will see boring ads inside Netflix that will fit At the most basic level.

Netflix (Pixabay)

Further it will rise to 7.99 euros instead of 5.49 euros. Ads will start every sixty minutes It will last approx 15 and 30 seconds A four-minute one is sure to piss off a viewer. Rising prices Netflix Thus they will reach a quota of 40%, but it must be emphasized that plans with ads will have a reduced price. However we still have to wait official news Who confirms the terrifying news of the platform.

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