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Bob’s Burgers, the movie is about to hit theaters: the trailer is irreverent

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The animated TV series Bob’s Burgers will make its feature film debut. Here is the new trailer.

Bob Burgers: The Movie –

Bob Burger It is an American animated series born in 2011. Lauren Bouchard and distributed on Fox TV and later on the broadcast platform Disney +.

Bob Burgers: The New Trailer

The series deals with family history blusher composed by Bob And Linda and their children TinaAnd gene And Louise Intent on managing a hamburger fast food restaurant.

Initially sleazy with a first season that didn’t receive entirely positive reviews, the series has garnered excellent reviews in what follows to the point that it is considered one of the 60 best cartoons of all time in television history.

The success of the series led to her being nominated seven times in a row Emmy Awards For Best Animated Program by winning the award twice in 2014 and 2017.

In Italy, the first season since 2011 has been broadcast on the channel Fox Then go ahead Fox Animation Finally Disney + where it is currently distributed.

Bob's Burgers: The new movie trailer
Bob’s Burger –

On October 4, 2017 on 20 fox horn The film was announced for the series scheduled for 2020 but was later postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic COVID-19.

The film has been postponed again and will see its theatrical debut in May 2022. The creator of the series said that the film will satisfy fans of the series by solving many unresolved things and will have a story that will appeal to those as well.. who have not seen an episode before.

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movie plot

In the new trailer released a few days ago during Wondercon from Anaheim at CaliforniaWe can see how he plans the family summer blusher They are upset because a plumbing malfunction prevents them from entering their fast food restaurant.

For this reason, the whole family will have to lend a helping hand to solve some puzzles and help each other get back behind their family business office.

The movie is directed by Bernard Derrimanproducer of the animated series and from the same creator of the series Lauren Bouchard who also wrote the script for the movie with the producer Nora Smith. In shoes after the product Popcorn And Smith, too Janelle Mumariwhile the animation of bento Box Entertainment.

The series’ success also led to a series of comics that were edited by Dynamite Entertainment Starting from 2014.

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