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Neon White is coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to a leak [aggiornata] –

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According to the well-known depositor Nick “Cheepshal Nick” BakerBetter Neon White It’s also coming to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, straight into the catalog Xbox Game Pass at launch on Microsoft consoles, but at the moment there is no official confirmation of the information involved.

Annapurna Interactive posted a post on social networks refute Rumors about the possibility of Neon White arriving on Xbox in December, without completely denying the possibility of the game debuting on Microsoft platforms in the near future.

“As we understand it, it was mentioned on the latest XboxEra podcast, without our permission, that we will be bringing Neon White to Xbox later this month,” the post reads. “This is not the case and we have no further plans for December 2022 – we will not be launching any more ports this year.”

Below is the original news.

In recent days we learned about the release date of Neon White on PS5 and PS4, set for December 13, 2022, but there is no information about its arrival on Xbox either, which at this point remains the only platform excluded from the game. Annapurna and Ben Esposito, as previously released for PC and Nintendo Switch at launch. A direct landing on Xbox Game Pass is possible, considering the title will make room for a Microsoft subscription service transaction, but we’re waiting for information.

Previously, it often happened that indie games made it directly into the Xbox Game Pass catalog and the fact that this also comes with a certain delay compared to other systems may represent an additional element of the possibility of a direct launch within the subscription service.

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Moreover, it will be an important addition to Xbox Game Pass, considering that Neon White represents one of the most interesting indie games released in 2022 and will greatly enrich the offer, although there are many games in Game Pass, too Looking at the new arrivals in the first half of December 2022.

To get to know him better, we refer you to our review of Neon White, a title that presents itself as a mixture of a first-person puzzle game, with a very special story.

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