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Need more space? pCloud discounts the 10TB plan

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Do you have a lot of files to archive but can’t find a cloud service that offers enough space? pCloud has the perfect solution: a lifetime plan of A whopping 10 terabytes. An ideal solution for storing a wide range of files, including photos, videos and documents, and accessing them easily from any platform, from smartphone to computer. Did you know that a 10TB pCloud plan is also available? Thanks for the continuous upgradeActually, you can get it Big savings of 80%which raises the price to 1190 euros. All costs are inclusive Lump sum: no subscription or add-ons, Just a living space.

This large capacity is much more than what most users will need. However, for professionals like Photographers or video makers When working with large amounts of data, this large storage solution can be essential. In numerical terms, 10 TB equals 10,000 GB or 10 million MB. Considering that a smartphone usually has between 16GB and 512GB of storage space, while a PC usually doesn’t exceed 1TB, 10TB of storage is enough to hold it. 2.5 million photosAnd 2,500 movies, or 5,000 hours of HD video, and 65 million pages of documents.

All features of pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage platform that is very easy to operate and accessible to everyone. One of the main goals of the service is presentation User-friendly experience, which allows users to easily upload their files to the cloud, whether from a PC or smartphone, for access at any time. pCloud automatically syncs files between all connected devices, simplifying data management and offering flawless organization.

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Complete and customizable management of files uploaded to pCloud. Users can Share your files With other users, even non-members, through various sharing options, including shared folders, shared links, file requests, and direct links. In addition, the deep linking feature allows users to use pCloud as a hosting service for static websites or to embed images.

Data security is an essential aspect of pCloud. use the platform TLS/SSL certificates To ensure the security of data during transmission from the device to the server. The data is uploaded to at least three different servers to improve its protection and prevent any risks. Also, every file is protected by 256-bit AES encryption. For added security, users can purchase the pCloud encryption option.

pCloud storage plans are available for a one-time purchase and include three different options: 500GB, 2TB, and -note- from 10 terabytescurrently In promotion at 80% off. Once purchased, storage space She will be yours forever.

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