Home Tech Naughty Dog tells how Ellie’s interactive guitar was born – Nerd4.life

Naughty Dog tells how Ellie’s interactive guitar was born – Nerd4.life

Naughty Dog tells how Ellie’s interactive guitar was born – Nerd4.life

The last of us 2 He returns to be the protagonist of a new post on the official PlayStation Blog, in this case focusing on one of the game’s most popular details, which is mini games linked to using Ellie’s guitar.

The game part in question is actually much more than a simple mini-game, as it allows, in practice, to do so play free A large amount of rope and care restores it even in such small details that it is phenomenal even in a simple view.

Ellie plays the guitar according to the players' orders
Ellie plays the guitar according to the players’ orders

So it’s interesting to note the background that led to the creation of a game department like this, which started with the idea of ​​being a small game and then became a creative way of self-expression.

As reported by Naughty Dog on the PlayStation Blog, the idea behind this was to give importance to the guitar, as an element of union and Continuity between Joel and Ellie. However, introducing a small rhythm game-style musical would be out of tune with the overall atmosphere of The Last of Us 2, the developers explain, and when Ellie plays guitar, she does so in very reflexive and lyrical moments.

“We knew from the start that we wanted to avoid rhythm-based mini-games. These are fun experiences, but we preferred something a bit closer to it.Introspection, for self-expression, not a series of parties, groups and miscellaneous ingenuity. With these ideas in mind, and starting with a mo-cap recording of Ashley Johnson singing ‘Take on Me’ by A-ha, developers have also started experimenting by taking inspiration from some of the music apps, in order to take advantage of the touchpad of DualShock 4 somehow.

From there the search began passionate An improvement over this seemingly small part of The Last of Us 2, but it’s clear that it’s also gained a lot of importance for the developers. In fact, players have enjoyed this in-game music system and have frequently used it to play songs or create new ones.

For the series in question, we’re looking forward to seeing the HBO TV show at this point, considering that Neil Druckman has completed work on it in the meantime. We also remind you that The Last of Us 2 was included on PlayStation Now in October 2021 and will be available in the service catalog until January 3, 2022.


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