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Nations Cup in Canada with Team Pursuit

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Track: Italy is off to a good start for both men and women in the second leg of the Nations Cup 2022, to be held at the Milton Racecourse (Mattami National Cycling Center) in Canada. Both quartets advance to the semifinals.

Davide Plebani, Davide Boscaro, Stefano Moro and Carloalberto Giordani denied better qualification with a time of 3’55 “930 than Australia (+0” 253) and Germany (+1 ”411). We will return at 20:19 to find a place in the final at 2:53 pm Italian time.

In the women’s qualifying round, Barbara Quarishi, Sierra Consoni, Elisa Balsamo and Martina Fidanza won the third set.

Canada leads the US (+0.570) and blue (+2.120) with 4: 22.325. Engagement at 2:09 pm Blue Italy time.

CT Marco Villa A flash comment: “We started well. But the day is still long and there are many open dynamics”.


1 Italy IDA 3: 55.930 k

2 Australia AUS +0.253K

3 Germany GER +1.411 k

4 New Zealand NZL +2.890K

5 Canada A CAN +3.381K

6 People’s Republic of China CHN +5.160K

7 Canada B CAN +9.699K

8 Uzbekistan UZB +23.213 k


1 Canada A CAN 4: 22.325 k

2 United States of America USA +0.570K

3 Italy IDA +2.120K

4 Australia AUS +4.305K

5 People’s Republic of China CHN +7.206K

6 Canada B CAN +8.557K

7 Switzerland SUI +12.583K

8 Mexico MEX +20.161K

9 Uzbekistan UZB +27.334

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