June 1, 2023

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National Volleyball in Canada, Moscow and Romano in the first week of Vnl

Leandro Mosca and Yuri Romano are ready to go to Canada. Among the heroes of the first week of the Volleyball Nations League to be held in Ottawa will be the center of power volley Milano and the opposite. The team, selected by coach de Giorgi after the friendly against Bulgaria (one win and one defeat), will meet again in Rome on Tuesday the 31st and then return on the 14th starting on the 14th. The four matches of the first round, which are included in Italy (Italian system) Pool 1: against France on June 9 at 1.30, while on the 10th against Poland, on the 12th against Canada at 1.00 and at 20 against Argentina.

The players invited in the first week of the tournament were: Falacci and Giannelli Setters, Central Corticia, Kalasi, Mosca, Vitelli; Petolo, Cardini, Gironi, Resin are crushed. Then Finali and Romano and against Picinelli and Scanferla. Azzurri’s team will continue production in Cavalese, again from May 31 to June 10 (22-year-olds included): Lucietti and Sperdoli (June 6) players for the Setters, Anzani, Di Martino and Richie Central. ; Crushing Cavuto, Lavia and Michieletto (since June 6); Jaitsev was released against Palazzo and Federici.

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