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National financial hypocrisy and the election campaign –

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From Ferruccio de Bortoli

The delegation arrives at the Senate, the investigations of the committees have been deepened, the real picture. And now?

Election programs are by nature a bet on the future. Way also to throw the heart over the obstacle. As if we say: we will try, then we will see. Few of the inevitable advertising cosmetics. Hence, the proposals to mediate between the different souls of the lineups are unclear. The financial part, of course, is the main core of any program. But don’t measure the cost of what he promised the worst deception. And counting, in coverage, on a hypothetical and astonishing future growth, with impressive collections for the treasury, is evidence of comet adventure.

The term ending will not go down in history as one of the most productive. exactly the contrary. But the parliamentary work that led the Chamber to finally approve the financial mandate – despite all the criticism and reservations – does not deserve to end up in the trash. Also because then we’ll have to start over and that will lengthen the approval times for some of the actions in the winners’ programmes. Within easy reach of simple legislative decrees, so to speak. The delegation (after the armistice in the land registry) was signed by all the political forces of the outgoing majority. Will the Senate vote on it on September 7? Once the majority of national unity in the Draghi government is gone, everyone is back in complete freedom to pursue their own projects. the correct.

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ButAnd the
Over the years, the Senate Finance and Treasury Committees (chaired by Luciano D’Alfonso) and Chamber Finances (Luigi Martín) have conducted a very thorough investigation, listening to experts and classes. Objective data do not change. Just as the measurability and feasibility of each intervention does not change. The real financial jungle picture. Self Someone, for the sake of discipline or convenience, has signed an agent who no longer believes in him, for obvious political reasons, it is perhaps the case that makes his choice better.

It is also difficult to escape or remove some of the limitations and criticism. Let’s take the example of stracitata flat tax Or the flat tax you wish to extend to employees and retirees. For VAT figures of less than 65,000 euros in annual revenue, it is currently 15 percent. There is a proposal for Lega to raise the limit immediately to 100,000 euros. The turnover barrier does not encourage growth in size and black is preferred. The jump in the tax rate as the personal income tax rises and even if it is reduced (for example by raising flat tax For the higher categories), however, there will be a horizontal equity issue with regard to individuals (who pay 43 per cent more than €50,000) and many small businesses. In this passage, which concerns only a portion of the taxpayer – on top of that which has a tax evasion rate of 66.9 percent – there is all the complexity of an under-costed but by no means exorbitant offering.

Fiscal mandate reconcile with a certain difficulty between two starkly contradictory visions – which also face each other in the election campaign – namely, the proportionality and escalation of taxes that depend, and the latter also, much on deductions and deductions. He proposes a path to (rightly) reduce taxes on employment, gradually overcome IRAP (worth 25 billion, of which 10 are from public administration), and reorganize the value-added tax. The subject of the Land Registry is largely sterile (everyone understands it as he wants). The covers remained in the background. undefined. Obviously if you tax less on the business (especially if you plan to give an extra month as suggested by the Democratic Party), you will have to do something on the income side of capital, depreciation, and real estate. and so on.

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The digitization of payments, electronic billing, and database transit (if the privacy guarantor permits) has resulted in a clandestine decrease in the so-called tax gap, or the difference between taxes payable and those paid. The center-right proposal to raise the monetary limit (as in Germany where fiscal loyalty is not comparable to us) goes in the opposite direction. According to the Commission’s latest report on the uncontrolled economy and contribution-based tax evasion – chaired by Alessandro Santoro – Evasion, albeit low, reached 103 billion in 2018. It is assumed that the number improved in the following years. Management must be confirmed in the election campaign. Without a doubt.

Resources have to be found somewhere, and debts can’t always be used. Elimination of tax records, so dear to the League – far from an unimportant issue of tax ethics and fairness – has become less effective over time. According to the Observatory of Public Accounts of the Catholic University, from 2016 to today, Of the 53 billion allocated in the budget for various measures of agreement or amnesty, the state collected only 18 billion. Many cards will no longer be redeemable, but there is also a fair phenomenon of evasion despite the premiums. He always anticipates the next scrapping which will obviously be cheaper.

And here we come to broach an uncomfortable, unpleasant, and unpleasant topic, which certainly will not be discussed in the campaign, regarding the millions of eligible voters. It is true that we are unfortunately poor, but not as much as the Irpef announcements for 2020. More than 18 million taxpayers – nearly half of the total pronouncements – are less than 15 thousand euros and pay an average of 17.58 euros per month. Above 35,000 euros, 18 percent of taxpayers pay 57 percent of personal income tax. The IRAP, which everyone wants to beat, is designed to support – and does so little – the National Health Service. We all consider him indispensable and applaud his competence (with a fair amount of national pride when we are abroad). Who Pays Public Health? Or rather: how many could do so easily, because of their income and assets, who would receive a free service instead?

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