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Naoki Yoshida does not appreciate this term –

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Among the many interviews he supports Naoki Yoshida In these days, which appeared almost together in the last few hours, there was also a rather interesting episode, which revealed the fact that the director and his team do not only think Final Fantasy 16 a”JRPG“But they don’t want to Not even using that term.

JRPG is an acronym that stands for “Japanese Role-Playing Game”, the broader definition that includes role-playing games developed in Japan that, in principle, have defined themselves as a true subgenre with common characteristics, at least for a certain historical period (narrative Central with a linear storyline and often turn-based combat).

Final Fantasy 16 has already shown that it wants to distance itself from tradition, and also proposes an action-packed approach as well in terms of battles, but rejection Classification under the JRPG definition runs deeper than one might think: as Yoshida and translator Koji Fox explained in an interview with Australian YouTuber Skill Up, the term is considered discriminatory by Japanese developers.

When asked if JRPGs have undergone an evolution similar to what has been seen in action, Yoshida explained that the term JRPG appeared nearly 20 years ago, and for Japanese developers, it was instantaneous. discriminatory. In fact, the term has been used exclusively by Western media and the public, given that in Japan it is almost never heard of as a term of its own. “It seemed like it was a meta created to mock those who are so dedicated to creating these kinds of games, that still stir up bad vibes,” explained Final Fantasy 16’s director.

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“We understand that recently cataloging as a JRPG has taken on different connotations and is used in a positive way, but we still remember when it was used instead in a negative sense.” For this reason, Yoshida not only refuses to define Final Fantasy 16 as a JRPG, but would really like that term not to be used. For the rest, we refer you to the recently tested Final Fantasy 16.

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