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Meteorites a real threat: the experts’ answer

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Are meteorites dangerous? Celestial bodies have long been studied and yet there is still a lot to discover. In 2016, it was calculated that the number of celestial objects discovered by humans is about 60%, which means that about 40% of objects approaching the planet are not yet detected and can be detected. dangerous. Experts raise their hands and don’t talk about their purchases annoyanceHow much more should we realize that we still know very little about the universe. We are not dinosaurs and we can still think of a way to reverse human destiny in the event that a meteor capable of annihilating us approaches.

No need to worry yet, second Daria Gediti Fromincompatible (National Institute of Astrophysics) A meteorite can hit Earth in about 100 years. However, the ratio is as low as 0.01%, but the calculation is based on known bodies. Suffice it to say that five new meteorites are discovered near Earth every night.

In order to land the arrival of a asteroid (remnants of a protoplanetary disk that have not been incorporated into the planets) or a meteor (Asteroid segment) A rare event, but not by many. Cases that are dangerous for the human race are only those of great dimensions and which, as in the case of the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs, can wipe out or seriously endanger the lives of humans and all other species. This is why experts are looking for a solution to such possibilities, but there is a lack of collective and global commitment that would speed up research and response times for the human species.

Meteorites: Dangerous Guardians of Space

A conference “Special Supervised – Annoying Asteroids How to Deal with them” was held during the day organized by Daria GodettiTogether with astrophysicists Albino Carbonani, Elena Mazzuta Epifani, Simona Ragini and Carlo Stangellini. The public event started in 2019 with the aim of spreading the “Space Movement”. Project immediately saw support NASA Which, like other space agencies, has an interest in raising awareness of the potential danger posed by various bodies trading in space near planet Earth.

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They can be asteroids, meteors or comets, all objects that once approached Earth are potentially dangerous to humanity. It’s not just about impact risk. Around the Earth there are tons and tons of space debris, satellites and various solar activities that can change the direction of objects and make them dangerous to the planet.

So its study is necessary because, as mentioned Planetary Society, we know of only 60% of asteroids and meteorites greater than 1.5 km in diameter in the short period. We generally don’t know what is out there in the universe that can be dangerous to humans.

How do you defend yourself from meteorites?

Just like in the space-themed movies, where humans are in danger of extinction due to the presence of an asteroid collision course With the Earth, the first idea of ​​survival is to detonate the threat at a great distance from the Earth. The idea is GoodIt works mostly on screen, but actually we have to think. The only way to escape is to have the skills to build defense systems. Take, for example, the time calculated for the impact of a meteorite on Mars that was discovered just 20 months ago. If today we discovered the arrival of a meteorite, we would have 20 months to build defense system. However, the human race is currently able to build space travel devices in a much longer time, at least five years.

how to solve? According to experts, it is time for the entire human race to focus, as was the case for solving the coronavirus pandemic, on researching and studying viable tools to destroy the celestial bodies threatening the Earth. The first approach is Prisma European radio and telescope network that monitors meteors and the atmosphere.

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