Home entertainment Mysteries in Alice Rohrwacher’s Academy Award-winning short film: ‘They inspired the nativity scene’

Mysteries in Alice Rohrwacher’s Academy Award-winning short film: ‘They inspired the nativity scene’

Mysteries in Alice Rohrwacher’s Academy Award-winning short film: ‘They inspired the nativity scene’

The angels hang in the air in loose clothing to cover the seat on which they are firmly seated. Crowns on the head, wings behind the back. Then the hands are joined in prayer, the blue veil of the Madonna and the inscription, unmistakable, in the heart surrounded by red roses: jhsJesus name.

who has already seen short film to Alice Rohrwatcherthe sister of well-known actress Alba Rohrwacher, you will notice The aesthetic similarity of some scenes with the Campobasso Mysteries. Did Paolo Saverio De Zeno’s wit, carried in parade during the Corpus Domini fashion show, really inspire the Tuscan director whose short film was nominated for an Academy Award?

“Yes, the cradle is inspired by mysteries,” asserts Alice directly, who quotes the quote in the credits between credits. “We went to the Campobasso Museum, and we saw the machines we wanted to use. They said no right, because it was too complicated, so we rebuilt one.”

Alice Rohrwatcher

Alice Rohrwacher, reached through the director of MoliseCinema Federico Pommier, tells Primonumero how the story went, a few days ago Oscar nomination for his short film the pupils. Thirty-eight minutes of film has already been welcomed at the Cannes Film Festival and now in the five films nominated for the statuette (in the category Best Live Action Short) whose awards ceremony will be held on March 12 in Los Angeles.

The story is set in A boarding school run by nuns and inhabited war orphans. One day, a religious woman brings a cake there which according to Mother Superior (played by the formidable Alba Rohrwacher) the little girls should donate to the needy. Who will eat it? The “good” or “bad” girls?

On December 25, the orphans commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus on the reconstructed Sacred Heart, the thirteenth and final creation that ends Campobasso’s career. And that we discover today that Alice Rohrwacher is held in special esteem: “I am very attached to Mollys which I crossed on foot in 2003 accompanying the Soluna Circus (a group of circus performers traveling in a caravan, so) while shooting my first documentary Small show (Co-directed with Pierpaolo Giarolo). I was fascinated by the inner cities – Says – And I saw the beautiful Museum of Secrets of Campobasso. The cars came back to me while we were at work the pupils And we contacted the museum for information and details, for a reconstruction of one inspired by this tradition. And, of course, it was not a moving machine, as in the beautiful procession of Campobasso, but a living picture, a stationary machine in which girls dressed as angels could attend the nativity.

Part of the division set out towards Campobasso to study the intelligence: “Designers group Emita Fregato And Rachel Meladi – the director still says – they went to see the Museum of Mysteries and designed the car, while the fashion designer Loredana Buscemi He searched the archives for images of the Angels of Campobasso as inspiration for the girls’ fashion design. Italian traditions accompanied our search to create something innovative but with ancient and folk roots.

the pupils

Indeed, a search among old photographs of the procession is evident in the short film. The little orphans in the nativity scene are sad angels with dark colours They are more reminiscent of our grandmothers as children in black and white photos than modern little angels. Those with hairdos and curls made by their stylist walking around town today, wearing their best smile, are even more glamorous with mommy’s lip gloss.

The heroine of the short film Alba Rohrrewasher “is undoubtedly one of the best Italian actresses that we are in the cinema of Molise – says the film critic Federico Bommer Vincelli – We dedicated our yearbook to her in 2019, a volume (very nice, ed.) that looks back on her career and also talks about her relationship with her sister, Alice.

Book by Alba Rohrwasher

Behind – to the other side the pupils There is another movie with puzzle pictures. “I saw it recently, it’s a rare beauty and it’s the archival documentary,” director Alice Rohrwacher recalls. Leave the saints alone Written by Gianfranco Bannon, which I recommend seeing.”


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