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There are good movies, there is a lack of receipts

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Cinemas are also among the places where dressing is mandatory according to the Decree of December 23 Ffp2 Placements. It is also necessary to have the so-called “enhanced green corridor” or “Super Green Corridor”, which is obtained as a result of vaccination or cure. Therefore, a simple negative test is not enough. The rule applies to the world of culture in parallel with areas that imply proximity between people, such as transportation or sports competitions, and is part of a long chain of scales, understandable and motivating, which nonetheless made life in movie theaters difficult. Measures that, at certain moments, have placed culture among the secondary, if not entirely marginal, needs of our existence—with what may be questionable about this idea.

First closed, then partially opened, then closed, reopened at low capacity, and finally at maximum capacity, cinemas passed 2 years of roller coasters. So much so that neither the 2021 nor the 2020 data provides a look at the whole year, but only over small portions of the time that can be interpreted using different filters. For 2021, Anica (National Association of the Audio-Visual and Digital Film Industries) publishes a report – illustrating – discovering data Starting April 26This is the date on which cinemas reopened. In other words, they reopen in the period when cinemas begin to close: in the summer, many theaters are “at rest” and production companies do not do great work, because it is not a suitable season for large numbers. That’s not all: the curfew was in effect until June 7, a measure that clearly affected evening activities. Added to this is people’s fear of locking themselves in a room with other strangers, who are likely to be carriers of the virus. Even without the nitty-gritty, then, we must approach reading the data through these introductions.

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From April 26 to December 30, there are about 25 million visitors for 170 million euros, which is approximately 51 percent less Compared to the same period in 2019, 2018 and 2017. However, in particular, if we compare the week before Christmas, the decrease is only 10 percent. 430 new titles were distributed (including re-released copies), in line with the same period in the 2017-2019 three-year period. Among those distributed, “Spider Man: No Way Home” (more than 19 million euros), “Eternals” (8.4 million euros) and “No Time to Die” (8 million euros) received the highest revenue. Among the Italian products, “I’m Against You – The Secret of the Enchanted School” It scored the best box office hit with €5 million, followed by “Come un gatto in tangenziale Return to Coccia di Morto” with 3.2 million and “Freaks Out” with 2.6 million. “These are numbers that indicate the seriousness and economic and social pressures that cinemas and cinema distributions are experiencing, but at the same time underscore the vitality and resilience of the entire supply chain,” says David Novelli, President of Cinetel, who is responsible for collecting data for Anica. According to the latest data, there is some glimmer of hope and some hope for a healthy recovery for the coming year.

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