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Murray Abraham apologizes after the accusations against him

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Wow Murray Abraham apologized. Actor who won an Academy Award for his acting role Anthony Salieri in the unforgettable Amadeus by Milos Formana statement to clarify the story which saw him begrudgingly accused of sexual harassment.

In recent days it has appeared in fact, according to a report issued by Rolling Stonewhich behind His character disappears from the series Legendary questin which he plays the head writer of a popular video game, there were serious reasons for this Illegal behavior in the group.

Specifically, two episodes were reported during which the actor was bothering some of the actresses. A situation that would be repeated later and that would pay Series creator Rob McElhenney to demand the removal of F. Murray Abraham from the series + AppleTV. Through a statement cited by foreign sources, it is now the actor himself who apologizes and reveals the exact nature of his inappropriate behavior:

This is a sincere and deep apology. It was not my intention to offend anyone. She made a few jokes, nothing more, which annoyed some of my colleagues As a result I lost a great job with great people. I understood a lot from this experience and I hope they will forgive me.

there LionsgateThe producer of the series announced that he took the complaints against him seriously and opened internal investigations. None of the cast members Legendary questnow in its third season, previously hinted at potential problems with the veteran actor.

The official version given at the time was that of calendar problems: Abraham was filming white lotus 2 This would create problems in imaging Legendary quest. Ironically, it was precisely because of his somewhat “old-school” attitude towards these subjects that he was chosen by him Mike White To play Bert, an old man who never stops flirting with anyone in the Sicilian resort of the series with Aubrey Plaza And Sabrina Impactor.

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His story reminds of what happened to other cinema icons of those years, such as Bill Murrayin turn at the center of heavy accusations regarding alleged inappropriate behavior on set being mortal.

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